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Nourish your skin with SuRich

Published:Sunday | July 22, 2018 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie
SuRich soaps
SuRich soaps
SuRich soaps
SuRich soaps
Surich Soaps
SuRich soaps

The world is trending towards being more environmentally conscious of not only our impact on the planet, but also what we put inside and on our bodies. Products are becoming more organic and simplified in their make-up.

Suzette Shaw-Reid and Richard Keating have embraced the use of products made with natural ingredients, which led to the creation of SuRich.

"The idea came about earlier last year when I was job hunting, as I was recently made redundant. I had a strong desire to create a product with moringa. I knew a lot about the benefits of moringa when I was educated about it in 2014," explained Shaw-Reid. The moringa enthusiast began her own research on the benefits of the plant.

"I read and witnessed it helping lives and knew that if this miracle tree was properly incorporated in a product, it would have been extremely beneficial," she said.

At first, the team thought about creating a tea. However, after realising that the market was already flooded with moringa teas, they searched for another way for people to incorporate it in their everyday use.

"We then thought about a bar of soap, and the rest is history," said Reid.




SuRich is involved in the manufacturing and distribution of plant-based soaps infused with moringa leaves, cold-pressed coconut oil, and aromatherapeutic fragrances. They currently produce five plant-based facial/body bars infused with moringa leaves and cold-pressed coconut oil, with the exception of their Activated Charcoal Coconut Milk bar. The other bars include Moringa Coconut bar, Moringa Coconut Milk bar, Moringa Neem Cerasee bar and their newest kid on the block, Moringa Quaco and Cerasee bar.

"We strongly believe that moringa, being a household name on the lips of most Jamaicans, has an impressive nutritional profile because of the health benefits this sole tree provides," said Shaw-Reid. She also says moringa is beneficial because it is considered a superfood that contains amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, and has excellent exfoliating properties. SuRich products cater to persons who truly understand the importance and value of using products on their skin that are healthier for their bodies.

SuRich soaps produce a rich lather that is moisturising and nourishes the skin. Persons will not only feel clean, but silky smooth and revitalised after using a bar.

"Our prices are affordable and our service convenient as we deliver to your doorsteps," said Reid.

For more information, call 876-809-6022.