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That’s a wrap with Anita Clarke

Published:Sunday | July 22, 2018 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

Vibrant colours and Afrocentric prints. Fancy knots, bows and ties. The tradition of headwraps has successfully shifted in style to become a must-have fashion accessory for women. Today, we meet a young woman who is changing the trends with her creations: Headwraps by Ann Clarke.

Anita Clarke, who specialises in image, events and communications consultancy, has always had a love for African prints. She began making these headwraps to add a statement to her wardrobe.

"I love that a headwrap is a functional piece. It can be used to keep hair off your neck in warmer temperatures, and it can also accentuate a woman's attire to make it a bit more interesting," she told Outlook. She realised pretty soon that other persons were not only fascinated by the styles themselves, but they were interested in purchasing them as well.

"I took the decision to share my love for headwraps and African prints with the world," she added.

Designs come very naturally to the fashionista, but she lets the prints or colours do all the talking. Inspired by watching Nigerian videos, she has experimented with several wrapping techniques, and she is happy to report that most of them turn out wonderfully. She has now elevated this skill into pure art. The feedback from clients, she says, has been incredible. Everyone she has encountered loves the prints, and they get very excited by an added bonus - the matching flare top that goes nicely with the headwraps.

She provided some direction to complement your fashion to create the complete look.

ï For formal wear: She recommends that you rock a very flamboyant style, where the headwrap is twisted to form various patterns on the head.

- Semi-formal wear: Clarke says this can be wrapped into a bun, either in the centre or to the side.

- Casual wear: She explains that such an outfit is usually accompanied by a headwrap with a bun to the front; a big bow in the front or a bun in the back, is just as effective in bringing across a casually chic look.

Because we live in the tropics, how could we leave out beachwear? Wrapping the head wear around your head, from back to the front, is best, so as to keep the hair upwards; a bun in the front also works well.

Still can't wrap your head around the finesse of it all? No problem. Clarke offers demos on her social media page and if she is able to physically drop off your order, she will illustrate for you right then and there.

"You will learn various wrapping techniques, and you will be comfortable in no time. The prints are very vibrant and will make you feel like the queen you are! You won't know if it is for you unless you have given us a try. Purchase yours today and just wrap it up! "Clarke shared.

She is looking forward to taking her business to the next level by offering a wider variety in styles for her customers.

For more information about how to wrap your head around this beautiful style, follow Headwraps by Ann Clarke on Instagram: @headwraps.byannclarke or call 876-841-9961 for your free demo. That's a wrap!