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Camille Davis: Life Beyond The Theatre

Published:Monday | August 13, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley
Camille Davis
Camille Davis
Camille Davis

Growing up in Ketto, Westmoreland, and leading a life, which she described as "a nice foundation," Jamaican actress, Camille Davis concealed a secret. She yearned for fame, but her shyness prevented her from convincing others of her capabilities.

"Initially, I didn't tell anyone about my desires. I just watched the television and then go in front of the mirror and did what I saw them do on the television. Even now, the reality of who I am is the opposite of what I do. I keep a very low profile despite being a public figure," Davis told Outlook in a recent interview.

She's confident that her career was destined by God. After leaving Mannings High School, Davis was en route to the Northern Caribbean University to pursue a degree in business administration. However, she was sidetracked by an opportunity in Kingston that helped pave her way on the road to success. Arriving in the city with an intention to further her education at the Pre-University School at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Mona campus, Davis was encouraged by a friend to explore the wonderful world of theatre.

For more than a decade, she graced the stage with a talent that has brought pleasure and intense laughter to many. Performing alongside other stage veterans such as Glen 'Titus' Campbell and Courtney Wilson in root plays, Davis, without a doubt, has certainly cemented her place in Jamaica's playhouse landscape. Now with an 18-month break from theatre, the 'Drama Queen' has set out to enjoy motherhood and her life beyond acting.




Growing up in the theatre, she etched an indelible mark in the minds and hearts of those who have witnessed her prowess. But she needed a break. "A day does not go by when someone doesn't ask me, how could I have done this to their life and family. Sometimes I get overwhelmed because I did not realise the impact I've made over these years. And for me, knowing this is rewarding. My career is not about fortune, but more so it's about the connection I've made with others," she explained.




Davis was baptised two years ago. Some reckons that this is the reason she has been absent from the stage; but she revealed to Outlook that it's "absolutely not" the case. "I think that I have played every role in my capacity, all the characters you can think of. Now I'm reevaluating myself to figure out my next step. I also need time to find myself and enjoy my spiritual journey," she explained.

Dreaming up additional career ventures and testing different areas in the entertainment industry have captured her focus on her sabbatical. Hosting events such as award ceremonies and album launches is something the actress is exploring. She is also interested in film, and is elated to leap into this exciting arena. Yardie and the Yankees is a short film the stage veteran is using to enter the world of lights, cameras and action.




"As I get more mature I realise that my skills and talents are not just for me. Life is more than that. It's about bringing about a change," Davis explained.

Motherhood, her lasting full time job and a task she asserts she is yet to master, is a the most important character she plays. And noting that life is worth more when one is able to leave an unforgettable and moving effect on others, Davis has started to make a difference with her five-year-old daughter.

She admits that parenting is challenge, especially since she is a single mother. Nonetheless, she adores every moment she gets to share her knowledge and inspire her child to always put her best foot forward. For her, it's not about being a super mom, but being a positive backbone and a strong role model.

"I know that children are the future. They teach us how to love, forgive and not to judge. Their innocence takes you back to the days when you were a child and if we allow them to be themselves they will restore our joy," she said.