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The big dog

Published:Tuesday | August 21, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley

We all search for a companion to grow with us and share in our greatest moments. Sometimes it's not another individual that we seek. At times, it can be a two-legged or four-legged friend that we need. So perhaps a Siberian Husky could work. Yes, that's what I said.

One will wonder about the well-being of these animals in our tropical climate, but there's no need for that. These playmates are not like the usual huskies that thrive in the ice-cold atmosphere. In fact, these are third-degree Caribbean dogs with one less coat of hair to help them with the heat. They are bred in neighbouring countries.

Recently, a love for animals and an urge to offer variations compelled local dog-breeding facility Jamaican Husky formerly called Lady Diggs Kennel, to take these beauties to Jamaica.

It's based in Clarendon and carries a reputation for breeding cheerful toy dogs as an extra addition to your family. The husky is no exception. Although bigger than a toy dog, they are just as playful.

Owner of Jamaica Husky, Jason Diggs-White, told Outlook, "Huskies are beautiful and have a mind of their own. These dogs are also very intelligent and will try to test you. This doesn't mean that you have to hit them, you only need to be more assertive in your commands. Also, because they are 'snow dogs', always remember that they'll need adequate water."

Diggs-White explained that caring for these creatures is easy. Brushing their coat at least once per week is enough to have them feeling tangle free. Plus, a nice little doggy pool or ice bath will help to keep them happy.


Not A Guard Dog


Oftentimes, their wolf-looking features, strength, and size usually prompt persons to contemplate using them for security purposes. They can grow as large as up to 60 pounds, but huskies are too social for anyone to consider them as guard dogs. Their cousin, the Akita, which huskies always get mistaken for, is a much better choice for protection purposes.

"These are definitely not toy dogs as you can tell from their size, but they don't bark. Instead, they will howl at the moon at nights," he said.

Full-bred huskies come in a limited variety of coats and eye colours. Black and white, solid white, grey and copper-red are a few of the colours that they might have. Their eyes may be black, deep blue, silver, red, or gold.

He added, "Having one of these is like raising a child. They are stubborn when they want to be. But people use them for two things, their speed and intelligence. They'll manipulate you because they are great escape artists. They'll mimic what humans do. For example, it will watch you unlock a door, then use its nose to unlock it."

Taking a walk with your Siberian 'Jamaican' Husky, will be pleasing to both of you. Learning about them is just as exciting too.

The husky is fully registered in Jamaica.

For further information, you may contact Jamaican Husky (Lady Diggs Kennel) at (876) 570-0784. You can also visit their website at http://jamaicahusky.strikingly.com.