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Trevor E.S. Smith | The Curious Case Of Cam: There Is One On Your Team!

Published:Monday | August 20, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Cam represents your mysterious co-worker. Even after years of working with Cam, you have not got to really know him or her. There is a veil that blocks the building of bonds. Cam is not unduly concerned about this gap as his or her focus is on completing tasks effectively.

This article will help to bridge the gap and foster better understanding with the Cams that you encounter.


Cam's C-Style Behavioural Preference


Cam's natural impulses include:

- Doing things the right way.

- Focusing on details.

- Thinking logically and analytically.

- Offering critical insights.

- Conserving resources.

- Being compliant and cautious.

- Being precise and striving for accuracy and consistency.


Resolving Issues with Cam


Here is a proven six-point strategy for handling disputes with Cam:

- Accept the need to focus on facts and evidence when seeking resolution.

- Do not rely on an appeal to emotions.

- Present accurate and complete information.

- Expect to be held accountable.

- Weigh up options for moving forward with their pros and their cons.

- Present an agreement with the responsibilities of the parties.


Getting the Most From Cam in a Team


Cam is not at his or her best in teams. Cam tends to prefer working on his or her own.

Here are 10 things that will help Cam to be more comfortable working in your team:

- Only assign team members tasks that they are competent to do. Cam wants to achieve high standards and hates being dragged down by incompetent, careless or disengaged colleagues.

- Accountability is very important to Cam. Engender a culture in which team members are disciplined and serious about achieving the stated objectives and targets.

- Evaluate performance regularly and take corrective action.

- Performance appraisals should reflect team as well as individual performance. If team goals are missed, Cam wants a system that fairly recognises outstanding individual performance.

- Be firm in dealing with freeloaders and consistently weak performers. Cam cannot understand the logic of carrying dead weight.

- Avoid favouritism.

- Institute robust quality assurance measures.

- Respect Cam's need for private space - physically and timewise.

- Do not equate coolness to social interaction as a lack of commitment to the team. At the same time, actively working together does not mean that we are friends.

- Respect rules.


Seven mindset changes to help you to work more effectively with the Cams in your team


- Document the ground rules for the team and abide by them.

- The ground rules should include what is expected of everyone, the consequences of someone not meeting expectations, and how each team member is expected to interact with others.

- Accept Cam's insistence that holding persons accountable for their actions in the context of clearly defined guidelines is central to effective performance.

- Stick to accepted policies and procedures. Cam sees no reason to break rules. If a rule needs to be broken, the team should consider changing it.

- View Cam's negative feedback as a desire to improve team performance and not as a personal affront.

- Improve decision-making by relying more on concrete information, careful research and analysis. Proper planning and forethought are essential features of Cam's make-up.

- Above all, focus on why you are there in the first place ... getting the job done!




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