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Pamella Rodney-White: New governor in town

Published:Sunday | October 7, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley

"I am a servant leader. Life and money means nothing to me if I am not helping someone else. There's not no fulfilment," said the newly installed Kiwanis Lieutenant Governor, Pamella Rodney-White, who is in charge of Division 23 East, which spans the Kingston area.

Speaking to Outlook in a recent interview, Rodney-White, shared that she operates out of sheer love and is set to take on all that awaits her on this exciting journey.

This humbled soul, is the quintessential virtuous woman, leading a purpose-driven life. With all certainty, some may find it difficult to realise their purpose, but this was not the case for Rodney-White, who knew from the beginning, that voluntarism is her cause. Her willingness to make a difference is powerful beyond measure, and is capable of smashing every boundary that poses as a threat to her desired goals.

"It's like Chronixx said, 'Me dweet fi di love' and not the likes. It's the joy that I get from assisting that drives me. When I look on children's faces after I've done something for them and see their gratitude, the smiles they give me just fills my heart. And I get a feeling that I have accomplished something meaningful," she explained.




Rodney-White, has been with the Kiwanis Club for a number of years. Ever since she joined as a young woman, eagerly wanting to make a change and inspire others to follow in her footsteps, she has not been able to retire her services from the group. Her exemplary efforts have afforded her a myriad of praises for her works. The Frank Melhado Award, for a wide ranging and dedicated aid in her division, and certificates to commemorate her support for special projects and public relations, are some of the accolades she has received for her diligence. Singing her own praises, she describes herself as a well rounded individual, having served in several roles in the organisation. She has held the posts of chairman, president and more.




She aims to serve with a difference and set a precedence that is worthy of emulation by her successors. Throughout her reign, she charges herself to champion the cause for service, growth and persons living with disabilities. Already, she has outlined a few duties, which she promises to work earnestly with the fellow Kiwanis members to accomplish. Lending a helping hand to as many as possible, is her priority, starting with those with special needs at her institution's Aktion club.

"One of the major projects I will implement is a food bank at the Abilities Foundation, where over 70 students are enrolled. This will be specifically for persons with disabilities at the school, but I do plan on expanding in communities," she said.

Spearheading a radio programme that is intended to bring greater awareness to dementia in Jamaica, is another promising activity she has up her sleeves.

Rodney-White explained that funding is the major challenge that looms, and even though this has stunted her efforts before, she is still determined to excel.