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Beautiful Hands 3D, casting that perfect gift for you

Published:Sunday | October 21, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley

Keneisha Neil is a creative at heart, with warm entrepreneurial blood pumping through her veins. She tried her hand as an entrepreneur numerous times, hoping to excel and stand tall as an independent woman, but despite many failed attempts, she has not stopped dreaming.

Now, Beautiful Hands 3D Casting is her small, intimate business and the one thing she cannot get enough of.

Neil is ecstatic about her life castings, not only because of the joy she gets from making them, but also the pleasure she soaks up from the smile on a client's face upon seeing the finished product.

Her passion for the craft started to brew earlier this year, and as the days go by, she continues to grow fonder of the skill.

Her company, Beautiful Hand 3D Casting, was born out of a challenge. Neil was forced to think outside the box, in hopes of finding the most suitable birthday gift for her friend. Shopping around bore no fruits, so she turned to the Internet.

"I turned to the Internet to search for the perfect gift, and that's when I saw castings that others had done. I fell in love with them, and I decided to try to make one. So I did some research and learnt how to make them," she told Outlook.

Neil loves to work with her hands. This explains why after being met with gratitude and sheer excitement for the gift, she ventured wholeheartedly into this business opportunity. Now, she sees it as the perfect job.




Today, she centres her attention primarily on copying client's hands for a lifetime memory.

The cunning go-getter acknowledges that she is not the sole person offering this innovative service in Jamaica, and as a result, is determined to be different.

The self-taught itinerant caster has her goals set out on greater possibilities, like undergoing international life casting training, that also includes other areas of the body.

"I cherish my casting and I really love what I do. It's something that I really want persons to enjoy because it brings people together. This gives them a physical memory of what is or what was," said Neil.

The magnificent castings are ideal souvenirs, fitting for any occasion.

Made with cement-like material, Neil puts several finishing touches that entail painting and decorating the pieces to the customer's delight.

Presenting them as a gift, her aim is to perfectly capture your affection in the artwork and conveying it in the most subtle, yet convincing manner.




Transforming her craft into a wedding ritual in Jamaica is one of the goals Neil is working towards. She says it is her way of getting ahead in the casting game.

Neil admitted to Outlook that even though she is enthusiastic about her route to success, she has at times been daunted by the thought of failing. Having been unsuccessful at attaining other goals, she sometimes questions her victory. Still, with the support of her family and friends, she finds the courage to press forward.

"I am so scared, but I know I can excel. I believe this has the potential to be bigger than anything in Jamaica, and that is what I am working towards. I'm using my hands to tell stories," she said.