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Picture perfect moments captured on canvas

Published:Monday | November 5, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley

Shadai Myrie loves to create lasting memories, not only for herself, but everybody else. Just last year, she creatively transformed her affection into a profitable career venture - La Lona Art - a dynamic entrepreneurial pursuit where she engraves a picture perfect moment on a sheet of canvas, making faces smile.

After testing the artistic water with high hopes of fishing for the ideal wedding gift for her sister, Myrie caught the art canvas. Since then, she progressively grew fond of her new found skill, creating pieces every now and then while at the same time juggling her regular 'nine to five' job. Soon she became unstoppable, took a big leap and become her own boss.

"I'm someone you'll consider as a picture holder. I hoard photos because I don't want to lose them. I also needed to figure out a way to make my photos last longer because I don't use albums, they can deteriorate and damage my photos. Then I learnt about this and it captured me," an excited Myrie told Outlook.




She worked for three years in the corporate world, ambitiously honing the know-how to establish herself as an independent business woman. Now, she's grateful for the wits she acquired before branching out on her own.

"It was a leap of faith. I was not sure what to expect, But I was willing to make that sacrifice. I just wanted to build my own brand instead of working on someone else's," she explained.

The process starts with you sending Myrie a copy of a photo that you want to be etched for forever. Then she goes through the editing phase, refining the image to ensure that the finished product will have the best quality. Stamping the unforgettable marks on the durable fabric and wrapping her creation around a sturdy framer are the final steps. After this, it's packaged and delivered to your doorstep.

Imprinting memories on a tightly woven cotton duck canvas is not new. But Myrie professes herself to be one of the best. Cunningly using the traditional gallery wrap to complete her work and eliminate white borders, and customising each piece to your satisfaction, are two of the unique characteristics she uses to differentiate herself from others who share the craft with her.

The pieces also come ready to hang on your walls and can be decoratively framed to give a different appeal.

"My market is expanding and it's made up of mostly newly weds, couples, babies and graduates. But I want to explore other areas. I cannot wait to enter into the tourism market. Wow! I long for the day when I walk into a hotel and see my work. It would be very fulfilling," Myrie explained before flashing a smile.

Myrie is driven by an urge to succeed. As a small business owner, she is set on expanding her service in spite of hindrances. Financial barriers have been her greatest struggle as well as unprofitable product experiments, but she is determined to always find solutions. She knows the value of having tangible joyful recollections of your life and is guided by this.

"I'm happy when people send me a video showing me how excited they are to get their canvas. It gives me a satisfying feeling, because at the end of the day, it's memories that we'll have," she said.

Shadai Myrie can be contacted at (876) 379-7232.