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Janet Smythe lights new flame with people's jewellery line

Published:Tuesday | December 4, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley

Janet Smythe is a fun loving, chirpy entrepreneur, who draws inspiration from others. Mastering the art of leadership at her company, Choice Business Solutions, for more than 14 years, the adventurous soul is spreading her wings over the creative horizon. Flame, the people's jewelry line, her first trinket venture, is just the beginning of her expressive charm.

Rolling out six limited pieces for the 2018 edition of her collection, Smythe declares this new subsidiary of her primary business, to be one that reflects the strength and valour of Jamaicans. Speaking mostly to the power of the workforce, which she ardently works to bolster, she names her ornaments to match the versatility and character of all.

Ardor exudes great enthusiasm or passion, enthusiasm or dedication; Fervor, the asset that complements intensity and passion; Fortitude, exemplifying courage in pain or adversity; Moxie, which is specially made for men, but also attracts women, reflects a strong force of character; and Vehemence, which equates to a feeling of great forcefulness, are her intellectual set.

"The line is a creation from our logo, which is a flame. The flame itself has a history and a story behind it. It represents our passion for people and is like a fire within, that says we know we are the best," Smythe told Outlook.

The products are made with beads and sterling silver.




New to the craft, Smythe is taking one step at a time to understand the intricacies of jewelry making. Designing the pieces is her strongest point thus far. Monique Stanbury, is her right hand, and the one who brings Smythe's vision to reality. Molding each trinket to perfection is her task.

A teacher by heart, she always believed that she belonged in the enterprising realm. Three years ago, she conceptualised the jewellery line, but someone was reluctant to act on her ideas. Nonetheless, the drive that fuels this go-getter, kept her dreaming until she couldn't elude it any longer and finally she did it. Making jewellery with a passion is what she now lives for.

"Persons often ask why I choose jewellery. But what many can't see, is that jewellery is very long lasting. It will go from one generation to another, and is appealing and fascinating to others. I believe that we all have a part to play in Jamaica and this is one way I can contribute to building Jamaica," the UWI alumi said.




Wading the business waters for a number of years, the priceless experiences she's garnered have warranted her description as a well-rounded entrepreneur. In addition to her current post, positions such as head of the Project Management Office at Victoria Mutual Group, senior logistics and communications manager at J. Wray & Nephew and senior project manager of information technology at Jetblue, are just some of the experiences which she asserts have enriched her with enough wits to keep Flame alive.




"As an entrepreneur, I feel like I have to give back. Normally, we would donate our labour, but for the first time, I will be giving in monetary form. Part of the proceeds will be in aid of the Clifton Boys Home in Darliston, Westmoreland," she said with a smile.

The mother of two boys told Outlook that boys are significantly different and it's important for the society to pay attention and understand the differences. It's her reason for offering support to the home and hopes that she'll make a lasting impact on those who will benefit from her effort.

For more information and to place an order, visit Smythe's website at, or her social media page @thepeopleline.