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A piece of tranquility

Published:Sunday | December 9, 2018 | 12:11 AMKareem Latouche

To many, the most popular part of Westmoreland is Negril and in particular, the area along the Norman Manley Boulevard where the seven-mile beach is located.


If the East End is for the party lovers then the West End is for the more tranquil- oriented persons. To access this area, take the first exit at the roundabout in Negril onto the West End road. Unlike the opposite side, there are more reefs along the coastline, giving it a mature feel. It’s also the best side of the town to watch the sun set, and this adds to the popularity of landmarks such as Rick’s Cafe.


If you drive 15 minutes farther into the town, you will find another hidden gem, Westender Inn, a family-owned 35-year-old hotel. The hotel consists of two properties, the garden side, where persons with large families can stay in the cottages in front of a cliff; couples can also stay on the ocean-front side, which as the name suggest, the rooms overlook the Caribbean Sea.


Garden side with cottages


The five acres of land on the garden side with five cottages is spaciously designed with a well-manicured lawn at the centre for both aesthetics and recreational purposes. Before guests can access the cottages, there is a bar and restaurant at the front with resident hosts. Next to the bar, on an elevated floor, is a Jamaican-shaped pool with a naseberry tree cascading over a small section of the pool deck.


Parts of the gigantic lawn can be used as a play area for children, while the perimeters consist of rich vegetation such as mango and ackee trees. To the back of the property, is a farm that has multiple produce such as sweet pepper, tomato and sorrel, all of which are used in the restaurant.


Oceanside Rooms


This side of the property overlooks the ocean and guests are constantly met by the cool breeze from the Caribbean Sea. There is also the sound of the waves crashing against the reefs that provides a soothing effect in any of the 15 rooms.


This is definitely an ideal spot for couples who want to spend quality time together in a tranquil and nature-oriented environment. The rooms are decorated with log wood throughout which gives the layout a homely feel. The overall setting feels spacious; the rooms are designed more like a home than a hotel.


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Who is it for? Cliff side is best for adults with family, while the Oceanside is better suited for couples

What’s great about it? The nature-oriented theme throughout the property

Fun fact: There is a 1-hour shuttle service that carry guest to Negril town

Standout factor: The staff has a family-oriented vibes

Price: US $83.50 / JM $10,000.00 - per night


Contact,  1 876 957-4991