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Kamilah gives beyond the crown

Published:Monday | December 10, 2018 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie
Kamilah Morrison (right) stops at one of several inner-city schools during her recent series of back-to-school drives.
Kamilah Morrison gives back to inner-city youths through a series of back-to-school drives in Arnett Gardens, Norman Gardens, Jack Hill Primary, Maxfield Park Children's Home and the Salvation Army.
Kiki Thombs
Kamilah Morrison
Kamilah Morrison
Kamilah Morrison

Using her platform as former Miss Jamaica United Nations 2016, Kamilah A. Morrison, continues her mission beyond her reign, by giving back to volatile communities through education. The former beauty queen conducted a series of back to school drives, and aims to give every child in need, the opportunity to excel to their fullest potential.

"The focus is not on one specific organisation or one specific group. It is aimed towards persons in the community. This offering is about being effective in making a dramatic change," explained Morrison when asked what inspired her to continue with her charitable efforts beyond her campaign.

The goal of this programme is to touch as many lives as possible, which Morrison believes will create a domino effect.

"I would like to improve, develop opportunities, promote, build and strengthen partnerships which will benefit individuals and the community," she said. She also hopes to inspire others by her example, as she believes it is not about what you can give, but the time spent to help others. "The reaction, especially from the children, is priceless. It feels good to do something good and to be able to give back."

Morrison aims to legally register her charity, which will aid in putting in the right infrastructure to execute her vision.

"Careful planning and prudent leadership will ensure that my charity/foundation continues unhindered. Once established, I will be looking forward to the growth," she said.

"I realised I didn't need a sash and a crown to make a positive impact, leading to a difference," she said. Surprisingly, she described the impact from participating in the pageant as 'mute'. She thought that being in the pageant would give her more exposure and more opportunities to execute her vision.

"It has, however, inspired me to continue with my idea of creating a charity/foundation that I have always wanted to start," she said.




Her inspiration to give back originally came from her parents and the moral values they instilled in her from a tender age.

"My passion is with children and education, which I believe will assist the country with growth and development," she said.

Morrison's recent back-to-school drives were sponsored by Help Today Save Tomorrow - Aisha Givans Charles (New Jersey), Lydia Baptist Church (New Jersey), Garfield Lennon (New Jersey), and Felicia Davis and The Wellington Boutique Store (Chicago).

"I wish to be remembered for the many lives I will touch and the motivation I will leave with them while creating my legacy."

Anyone willing to get in touch with Morrison can do so through her current facebook page: