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Family resolutions a healthy option for the New Year

Published:Monday | December 31, 2018 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie

New Year's Resolutions, more often than not, tend to get a bad rap for their low success rates. A number of persons have given up on the practise of creating goals and initiating activities to try and get a 'fresh start' for the upcoming year.

Many admit, that setting goals and creating declarations on the pursuit of excellence, creates too much pressure which crumbles the resolve for those who created it in the first place. Studies show that having a team of close individuals to keep you and your goals in check, increases the chance of actually achieving them.

What better team to have than the persons who know you inside and out, have unconditional love for you and want to see you succeed in life? Family is the backbone of many individuals, and is seen as the main support system for handling the unfathomable dynamics of life. Setting goals as a family ensures that at the end of the day, you are held accountable for the ambitions you created for the year and increase family ties as you move together as a unit.

Here are five goals you can make with your family to improve the physical and mental well-being of each person within your home.


1. Spend More Time Outside


Many of us are guilty of not absorbing enough Vitamin D. The majority of our time is spent indoors going through paperwork, sitting in class and not to mention spending countless hours staring at a screen. Activity levels have decreased drastically over the last decade, which has led to an increase of lifestyle diseases currently ravaging the nation. Going for a jog, playing a sport, or even going to the beach or community pool for a swim is fun when done with the people you love.


2. Start a Family Book Club


When was the last time you read a book? When was the last time you saw your son or daughter reading anything besides Twitter or aimlessly scrolling through Instagram? Children learn what they live, and if your little ones see you reading and how much fun you are having with the book, it will encourage them to want to read as well. Start a one-book-a-month quota for the members of your family. At the end of the month, each person will have to tell everybody about the book they read, what the learnt from it, and why they enjoyed it.


3. Take an Annual Family Trip


The best memories are created in places that you have never experienced. The conjured images are usually more vibrant as the scenery and events attack all the senses due to the novelty of the environment. Taking an annual family trip, not only exposes the members to new attractions outside of their comfort zone, but reinforces the bonds within the family because it was done together.


4. Unplug More


The average person picks up their phone between 200-450 times a week. If you want to verify your statistic there is an app for that. This on-screen time detracts from the valuable face to face interactions that would take place if there were no phones, laptops, televisions etc. Setting an 'Unplug' time in your household forces the family to interact and catch up with the individual happenings of each person. In this space, the younger ones can ask for advice and parents can get first-hand experience with the changing of the culture by listening to their children speak.


5. Generate Less Waste


With 2019 being the year of the go-green movement on the island, generating less waste within the household should be a top priority. The number of recycle drop-off points are increasing, therefore, there is no more excuse for not recycling plastic bottles. Decreasing plastic consumption is now being reinforced with the new ban on plastics by the Government. Stocking up on reusable utensils, water bottles, and canvas bags will contribute to the healing of our planet as the world aims to reduce its carbon footprint and the harrowing state of pollution.