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Joni-Dale Morgan - Armed with the 'two-blade' sword

Published:Monday | January 21, 2019 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley
Joni-Dale Morgan, owner and CEO of Morgans Creek at the Sovereign Centre.
Here are some of the products offered at Morgans Creek at the Sovereign Centre.
Here are some of the products offered at Morgans Creek at the Sovereign Centre.
Here are some of the products offered at Morgans Creek at the Sovereign Centre.
Joni- Dale Morgan

For 15 years, Joni-Dale Morgan, has been living with lupus. The long-term autoimmune deficiency disease, has brought pain and many changes to her life, some of which are bearable and others intolerable. But the most substantial thing it gave her is Morgan’s Creek, a luxury handmade-product entity, born out of her need for natural skincare items.

“Lupus, I call it my two-blade sword. Yes, it makes me feel terrible, but it has given me an opportunity to make a profit and even help others who have a similar condition or another skin ailment,” the young warrior said.

Soon after diagnosis, and in light of the challenges she faced and the continuous thinning of her skin, she had to learn to make products suitable for her condition. Gradually, she grew fond of the processes, thought of others and began conceptualising her business venture.

But in the year 2013, she fell deeper in love with the idea. In that year, the malady took a toll on her body, causing her to fall into a coma for two months. Rehabilitation and nursing herself to good health was a hassle, especially the blood transfusions and relearning how to use her limbs. Nonetheless, with the support of her family, she was able to pull through. After that experience, the St Ann-born took a leap of faith and decided to move to Kingston and set up shop. In the end, her efforts have turned into something much more than what she had anticipated.


With her eyes set on sheer independence, Morgan explained that this is her second attempt at entrepreneurship. Filling the shoes of her parents was her first endeavour. The St Ann-based, family establishment - Joni’s Hardware, allowed her to whet her appetite in the enterprising field.

“I can’t see myself in the Corporate world and I know I don’t belong there. I’m happy where I am and Morgan’s Creek is much more meaningful than the hardware I ran. The best part about it is the satisfaction I get from making my product and seeing the results (and the satisfaction) that others get from these things that are made from my hands,” she explained.


The humble 35-year-old, is grateful for her accomplishments, knowing wholeheartedly that she has helped many others to remedy the anguish of living with lupus.

“How do I tell somebody that I am tired, even though I may not look that way? That’s a question I struggle to answer, because people are not aware of my illness. There is not enough being done to help people with this condition. We can’t even get insurance and the medications are so expensive,” she lamented.

She added: “I believe in earthly angels. To be honest, I don’t know how I got to where I am, but I do know that many persons have helped me to get here,” Morgan explained.

The greatest gift she looks forward to receiving, is for greater awareness on the deadly disease. Until then, she intends to play her part, by giving well needed advice to others. Living out your dream in spite of your situation, is her encouragement to all, especially those who are troubled by ailments. She looks at her success not just as profits, but also an inspiration for others.

“So, find that one thing the drives and surround yourselves with persons who appreciate and support you. You have to leave the naysayers behind. Do not disrespect them, just let them off soothe,” she advised.

Joni-Dale Morgan, is located at 37A Sovereign Centre and can be contacted at (876) 648-9586.