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Levelling Up on purpose with JMMB

Published:Monday | January 21, 2019 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
JMMB's Jessica Chung (second left) is flanked by (from left) Yanique Dawkins account executive at Nobox Marketing, Tanaka Roberts, creative director of ICD group and Racquida Bowie, investment manager at National Housing Trust (NHT).
Headline speaker Paul Brunson caught in action at the financial empowerment seminar. JMMB Elevate: The Goal Getter Series.
Speaker at the JMMB Group Elevate event, Rochelle Cameron (left) and Paul Brunson (centre) joins JMMB Group's Chief marketing officer, Kerry-Ann Stimpson.
An excited Brunson blazing the stage in his presentation.
Feeling all powered up by the seminar are (from left) PR Consultant Naomi Garrick, Business Development Executive Catherine Goodall and Guest Speaker for the occasion, Rochelle Cameron.

There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honour your calling. It's why you were born. It is how you become most truly alive." Eloquently expressed by American media executive, actress, talk show host, television producer and philanthropist, Oprah Winfrey, this powerful statement came to life in vibrant colour at the highly anticipated - JMMB Elevate: The Goal Getter Series".
Hosted by the JMMB Group, the event, free and open to the public, saw eager women and men making their way to The Jamaica Pegasus hotel for the active indulgence of scintillating discussions. Special guests registered and participated in ice breaker games before finding seats in the grand ballroom.

In true JMMB style, staff members and the host warmly welcomed the attendees with open arms. That gave way to a mindfully stimulating afternoon.

Dubbed 'Level Up', the first speaker Rochelle Cameron, came out in slaying fashion, ripping her entranced runway with saavy struts to the sound of Ciara's Level Up. She took her attentive audience on a personal discovery. She kept it real, starting out by staying, "2018 was one of my most difficult years."

The Assistant Vice-President Human Resources & Public Relations, Jamaica Broilers Group Limited  and motivational speaker shared that in order to level up, we need to take the shame out of wanting more or desiring a different goal. Among the other reasons for delaying or paralysing the goal-getter from within include blaming others instead of holding yourself accountable, being very clear of the dream but being too lazy to execute it, closing yourself from success by not sharing yourself, procrastination, and good old fashioned 'bad mind'.
"Then we get to the point where we ask, 'What does wealth mean for the business of your life?' Ten per cent of your earnings should be set towards your goals and dreams,". The crowd gasped at the number. She revealed that you should be careful of what you speak over yourselves, because too many dwell on negativity.
"As you're stepping forth into yourself, you have to be resolute that all will be well. You can be bold and confident and still don't know what you're doing. Open yourself to breaking apart and to tears. Scare yourself. Don't regret your decisions. Be prepared to take a lower road. Be prepared for being outside of your comfort zone. And know that attitude will get you a lot further than brain will ever will," she revealed.


Then it came time for the second guest speaker, Paul Brunson. The mentor, entrepreneur, television host, author and matchmaker rolled in and hyped up his audience as they cheered with Asap Ferg's New Level. He turned on the ignition switch by asking two gentlemen to join him on stage and give their best walk. The women of the audience would determine who was the winner. The first contestant got a loud round of applause, while the second, underestimated by those present, upped the ante, creating an even bigger uproar. This demonstration showed that real power, and real success lies in belief, believing in your greatness in order to be great. He revved the engine and sped off into shattering the misconceptions of wealth being health, and health being wealth.

"Health is important, but health is really what allows you to optimise your wealth," he shared.
In cruise control, he explained that wealth can be broken down into three categories: acquisition of money or wealth via family - parents, marriage, or children, winning it in the lottery, or creating it from scratch. But how do you create it? According to Brunson, by creating yourself,. You have to have an extraordinary skill. Look to others within the field and seek the one skill that they excel in. Identify the skill. Then go and get the skill - change your life and change your habits. Reshape your life to go after it. Put in the work, start it, and analyse it."
He took a sharp right on opportunity street, noting that putting your skill on display where you are able to compete with others who can, in turn, compete with you can greatly assist in getting the recognition you want and giving you that big break you deserve. Learning about business, he confessed, is like learning how to ride a bicycle. You need to begin with the training wheels, then you need the support, then the 'let go' has to happen in order to ride on your own.
"Success is about trust and self-confidence. Failure is the "I can't" syndrome, pushing you back. Put yourself in new and challenging positions. Compete and take risks at the right time. The key to success is the journey, and the lessons learned on those roads, not the destination."
And since JMMB was winning with these presenters, they sweetened the deal even further by inviting Agent Sasco on stage to perform for a satisfied audience.