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Dr Mariesha Terrelonge Lee heading Future Aesthetics

Published:Sunday | February 10, 2019 | 12:00 AM
(From left) Coreen Garden, housekeeper; Dr Mariesha Terrelonge-Lee, aestethics and laser physician; Daniella Bravo, medical aestethician; and Ashalee Bailey, receptionist.

You may know her as a medical doctor who practised in some of the major hospitals across Jamaica. But now the compelling art of beauty has wholeheartedly captured Dr Mariesha Terrelonge Lee.Today, she enjoys doing what she loves best, spreading beauty and wellness at Future Aesthetics Medical Spa.

The young professional operates as an aesthetics and laser physician at the entity she recently established.

“I became uncomfortable with my life. Yes, I had a good job. I could pay my bills and save for the future, but there was no space for elevation. I realised that I was stuck. So, I decided to try something else and I chose what I was most passionate about,” she explained to Outlook.

Nonetheless, gynaecology and plastic surgery first came to her thought. However, Lee was not interested in pursuing a degree to gain competence in the area. And knowing that taking care of the skin equates to overall nurturing the body, she ventured into the arena, with no intentions of changing course.

For some time she was plagued by eczema. This nuisance was the factor that first spawned Lee’s interest in skin care. Now, having learnt to defeat the pestering condition, in addition the power of self acceptance the go-getter is committed to creating the best version of each person who seeks her intervention to bolster their beauty regimen while maintaining a healthy perspective. Creating the best you is her motto and guides the services she offers.

“With great skin, I feel more confident, like I can look and feel my best and I think that is the most important thing. I was eager to start. I did some research and I was going to treat my eczema flares. Then I realised that I should start helping persons who I know have the same problem lead a healthier lifestyle. I did but that was a trial run,” she said.

Overcomed with triumph following the experiment and the difference she was able to make for others, the doctor sought academic qualifications.



“It’s not that type of traditional medicine where you go to see a doctor and there is a doctor patient relationship and you are scared to even talk about anything with your doctor. It’s more of a relationship building environment where you are seen more than a client but a friend or family. I’m just here to help you become a better you,” Lee said.

She works with a team of talented professionals. Botox, Dermal fillers, hair restoration, feminine rejuvenation shots, microneedling, injectable nutrients and PDO threading are some of the services Dr Lee offers.

Future Aesthetics is located at 1 Brompton Rd, Kingston. For more information contact Dr Lee at 876-618-3616