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Viva La Cuba! A celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution

Published:Sunday | February 10, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba Mrs. Ines Fors Fernandez and Jamaica's former Prime Minister P.J Patterson.

Last week, the Cuban Embassy hosted a remarkable commemoration cocktail for the 60th anniversary of the Triumph of the Cuba Revolution (National Day) at the Spanish Court Valencia. Several dignitaries, Government officials, friends and family of Cuban natives, gathered to celebrate this historic achievement in fine style.

"This has been 60 years of challenges, efforts and victories of the vibrant country full of music, poetry, dancing and singing. I am here representing the heroic people of Cuba. A people proud of their national history and culture. A people characterised by their vibrant spirit, nobility, wisdom and humanism," said Ines Fors Fernandez, Ambassador, the Republic of Cuba.

On behalf of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kamina Johnson Smith, Senator Tom Tavares-Finson, expressed gratitude for the longstanding partnership between Jamaican and Cuba.

"The friendship between Jamaica and Cuba that we celebrate today, is equal witness to the goodwill and solidarity shared between the two countries since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1972," said the senator.

The air was thick with excitement, as heads of Government, diplomats and civilians rubbed shoulders in the intimate celebration. Members from the L'Acadco dance troop, captivated the curious audience as they gyrated to the rhythmic beats from Jamaica-Cuba percussions.

As the savory smell of roast pork and seafood paella wafted within the Valencia, persons mingled and dined as waiters scurried from guest to guest, refilling their glasses with wine. Jamaican delicacies were served in miniature 'dutch' pots, which everyone in attendance was keen to use.

Jamaica's former Prime Minister, P.J Patterson, was an honorary guest at the function, due to the crucial role he played in the reinforcement of the Jamaica-Cuba relationship. The former Prime Minister, was seen greeting Government officials and enthralled in conversation with the ambassador and her husband, Ibrahin Ortega Oquendo.

With the quote, 'One love, One heart' from Reggae icon Bob Marley, Fernandez, ended the night by embracing the people of Jamaica as her friends and family. She thanked Jamaica for the partnership and looks forwards to many more years of friendship.