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Boss Babe workshop delivers sisterhood and storytelling strategies

Published:Sunday | March 17, 2019 | 12:08 AM
“You’re being googled. When you take charge of the narrative for your personal brand, you are better able to attract the right opportunities.” – Gizelle Riley, creator of Brand Storytelling for Boss Babes.
“You’re being googled. When you take charge of the narrative for your personal brand, you are better able to attract the right opportunities.” – Gizelle Riley, creator of Brand Storytelling for Boss Babes.

Brand Storytelling for Boss Babes made its debut last Saturday at the EXIM Bank of Jamaica. This is the first in a series of training and empowerment workshops for the year hosted by international brand storyteller and online business coach Gizelle Riley.

With the increasing importance of personal branding in this digital age, the group coaching workshop taught participants the fundamentals of effective storytelling, how to apply it to social media, and delved into how to combat limiting beliefs that may prevent them from attracting the right opportunities in their business or career.

Riley, who is also host of The Digital Boss Babe Podcast, said that the purpose behind the event was to create a positive space where women could learn how to brand themselves and their business, authentically and effectively, using social media. “Anyone can teach branding strategies. It was important to me that women were able to also get vulnerable about challenges they face, because a lot of what holds us back in our career are limiting beliefs. The group coaching style was designed so that each woman would be able to support one another and break down the clarity roadblocks that may have been preventing them from operating in their zone of genius. I feel elated and humbled by the overwhelming, positive responses we’ve been getting about the event”.

There were several moments of laughter, tears, epiphanies and cheers, foreshadowing the event’s success amid women from diverse industries and professions. One participant, Charah Clarke, designer and CEO of Amoyael Purses, said that Brand Storytelling for Boss Babes was very enlightening and highlighted useful marketing and promotional tools that she will start utilising in her business, particularly as it relates to social media.

According to Ashley Laird Designs CEO Danneill Laird, “The Brand Storytelling for Boss Babes workshop was exceptional. The interactive workshop kept you engaged, as Gizelle delivered valuable content, broken down into easy-to-understand concepts with relatable examples. What made this workshop stand out for me was the intimate setting that not only allowed fellow boss babes to learn from Gizelle, but also teach each other from their own experiences. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone seeking to better connect with their audience.”

Nicolette Wright, attorney-at-law at Black Law & Associates and owner of Portland Bliss Villa, described the event as refreshing.


“I’ve seen many persons conducting workshops purporting success, which is not a bad thing. But, being in business myself, I know the journey to success is raw and imperfect; even on stretches when things are going great in an entrepreneurs’ business, there may be challenging periods that entrepreneurs have to shake off, go back to the drawing board and get on track. The Brand Storytelling for Boss Babes workshop highlighted just that – it was honest, raw and practical in helping entrepreneurs and those desirous of getting into business.”

“The moment I stepped into the room, I knew the lady in the black outfit and neon pink jacket was who I was there to listen to. She stopped suddenly in her presentation, smiled and asked me to share my name. The way her energy travelled across the room was invigorating. I felt like telling her my entire life story. But in humility and self-control I said, ‘My name is Sandra Knight’. It was uphill from there. Gizelle Riley did a great job of creating an environment where a group of sisters felt at home enough to share, be inspired enough to move forward, and ‘souled’ enough to be themselves,” said Dr Sandra Knight.

The day ended with a networking session and surprise giveaways.

Brand Storytelling for Boss Babes was sponsored by Agri & Industrial Packaging Limited, SHIMMER Boutique and MB IT Support.