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Donisha Prendergast, Morgan Freeman for National Geographic series

Published:Sunday | March 24, 2019 | 12:05 AM

Donisha Prendergast, (actor, writer, director, producer, activist) and granddaughter of reggae legends Rita and Bob Marley, will be featured alongside Academy award-winning actor Morgan Freeman in the documentary series, The Story of God , where Freeman explores what can be learned from God in human form. He discovers the people, places and mysteries that enshroud divine mortals, including Emperor god of the Rastafarians, Jesus Christ and a young living goddess in Nepal.

Prendergast will appear in Season three, episode two titled, ‘Gods Among Us’, where she acts as a guide into the RasTafari movement, helping to demystify misconceptions and bridge historical and cultural context of the birth and evolution of the movement. The episode was shot in Shashamane, Ethiopia, late last year around the 89th anniversary celebrations of the coronation of HIM Emperor Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen.

The premiere on National Geographic, took place on Tuesday, March 12.

Donisha has also recently launched an international music mentorship program with Manifesto Jamaica and Manifesto NYC. The initiative will link a collective of young artistes in Jamaica with 15 youth in a juvenile detention center in New York, to collaborate on a music project. The aim is to use mentorhsip and an alternative music curriculum curated towards character development, to help youths in the detention centers, to re-imagine themselves beyond their environment. Through conversations around identity, many of the youths at the juvenile centre who are of Jamaican heritage but have never visited Jamaica before, will get a chance to gain some perspective of their heritage.

The 10 week program will culminate with a demo album project and listening party on dates to be announced.

Partners for the project include Manifesto Jamaica, Bob Marley Foundation, Manifesto NYC and We Will Rize Together.