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Uncorked West boosts experience with new wine dispenser

Published:Sunday | April 28, 2019 | 12:05 AMJanet Silvera - Senior Gleaner Writer
From left: Attorney-at-law Candis Craig and husband William, of Billy Craig Insurance, pictured with Couples Resorts’ Jan Polack.
Miss Jamaica Universe 2009 Carolyn Yapp (left) chats with Select Brands’ Tania McConnell.
Sweet Cooke’s Kathi Cooke (left) and Ramon Sheriffe collect their wine cards from one of the servers at Uncorked West.
From left: Round Hill's Omar Robinson; First Global's Noel Harty and Select Brands' Andrew Desnoes.
Fontana Pharmacy's Ray Therrien (left) and Select Brand's Andrew Desnoes.
Uncorked's AnnaKay von Dueszeln (left) and entrepreneur Angelina Tolani.
Royalton's Andre Hudson having a whale of a time with Sonya Allen of CGM Gallagher.
Remax's Coleen Samuel (left) and Joan Lee (right) share lens time with Couples Resort's Jan Polack (second left) and Fontana Pharmacy's Anne Chang checking out Uncorked West's BTG Wine Machine at the Fairview Complex in Montego Bay, recently.

A crisp, fruity, and delicious Miraval Provence Rosé; a juicy Saldo Zinfandel; a light and easy, but bold Zaccagnini; and a big, delicious, heavy Franciscan Meritage were among the wines with which Uncorked West whetted appetites, recently.

Introducing its First-World wine machine (dispenser) to Montegonians at its new wine bar and restaurant at, the Fairview Complex in the tourism capital, Uncorked’s aim is to offer a good range of wines of different price points, varietals, countries, and styles for people to choose from.

“We wanted to have the wine machines to be able to give people more options to taste wines at a higher value that they, maybe, wouldn’t have before. We are all about education, and this helps to give people more options when trying new wines,” Uncorked’s Anna Kay von Dueszeln told Outlook.

Ideally, a wine-preservation machine, with an automatic dispenser, it is connected to a gas tank that helps to preserve the wines up to four weeks in the machine. Wine connoisseurs will tell you that once you open a bottle of wine, normally, it takes three to four days to go off.

So with higher-value wines, it is hard to take that chance. Hence the machine, which was a hit with guests, who were awarded complementary wine cards with US$25 on each. The cards also come in $50, $100, or higher values.

The beauty of having the card is the ability to dispense either a taste (30ml), half-glass pours (90ml), or a full glass of wine (150ml) of any wine one wishes to try.

“We try to make it very casual and easy. Come to uncorked, grab a glass, and dispense the wine you would like to try. Every three months, we switch the wines out so that we give options to our wine card users,” said Dueszeln.