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And the two shall become one

Published:Sunday | May 19, 2019 | 12:00 AMJessica Harrison - Gleaner Writer
Alencon lace hand-sewn on to soft English mesh. Bethany is in a backward bolero cover-up with three-quarter sleeves.
Alencon Lace wedding dress with strapless sheer lace back and a row of elegant pearl buttons.
Sheer lace back and a row of elegant pearl buttons.
Keisha Allen dressing her model.
Perfect for tropical weddings. Show some skin while leaving much to the imagination.
The popular sweetheart neckline.
Clay’s dresses has something for everyone.

Remember how he looked at you two years ago and you secretly made up your mind to marry him? How about when he got down on one knee in front of all your friends and asked you to spend the rest of your life with him? Some experiences are forever etched in your mind, and House of Clay (IG: @houseofclayja) has been making women feel special and confident on their big day for the past eight years.

Kavan and Keisha Allen officially registered with House of Clay when they got married, but before that, the name was just a mere concept, despite encouragement from her then boyfriend, now life partner.

“I’ve always wanted to have my own clothing line. I already had the name since design school, and the time came to put it in motion when I knew I had the commitment of my husband,” she said.

The tenacious couple worked together, presenting new and interesting ideas as a Jamaican luxury fashion brand that specialises in bridal, evening, red-carpet and cocktail dresses made in Jamaica.


Small, medium, large or extra large. Sizes can be so frustrating when shopping in clothing stores. Women have been wearing labels for centuries, some of which have made us insecure. It is unfortunate that today, the labels we wear in our clothes have had damaging effects on our self-esteem, and we often get trapped in a game of taunting numbers.

Most people have heard the phrase ‘every body is beautiful’ at some point in their lives as a means of encouragement. The Clay team truly believes this, and takes pleasure in dressing women of all shapes and sizes.

“Every woman deserves to feel beautiful. Our duty is to ensure that your dress fits your body beautifully and not the other way around,” said creative director Mrs Allen.

Having made custom dresses for hundreds of women over the years, Clay understands the transformative power of ‘fit’ and ‘construction’. As such, the new size chart was developed based on consistencies they found in the measurements of modern women of all shapes and sizes. Upon careful examination of the chart, Outlook noticed that instead of traditional sizes, there are up to 16 names paired with different body measurements. For example, a ‘Phenomenal’ woman would have a size 48 bust, 41 waist, and a 52 hip.

Mrs Allen has 10 years of non-stop experience under her belt, which has equipped her to do more than just design and construct. She explained that Clay’s dresses are masterfully constructed for the best fit and highest quality.

Mr Allen, the CEO who handles all the business aspects at the House of Clay, was eager to share with Outlook that even if you’re not getting married in Jamaica, you can now take a piece of Jamaica with you when you choose to wear Clay on your wedding day.

Remember, you are not a number, you are beautiful!

For more information, feel free to call House of Clay at 876-884-8817 or 876-513-5818. More comfortable with writing your thoughts? Send them an email at, and if you’re just a curious reader, visit their website at