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Time for an eco-friendly ‘period’

Published:Sunday | May 26, 2019 | 12:00 AMJessica Harrison - Gleaner Writer
One size definitely does not fit all. These pads are customisable.
Reusable tampons complement pads to feel drier and help with gushing.
How attractive are these cotton panty liners and liner holders.
Your daughters will definitely enjoy these designs.

Reusable feminine hygiene products have found their way into the Jamaican culture and some people aren’t mad about it. In fact, most of us are curious as to how it all works. So, Outlook met with Sabrina Campbell-Reid, owner and operator of eight-month-old Jamaican brand HolisticCreationz.

Based in Montego Bay, this online store aims to provide reusable, organic, environmental and budget-friendly household items, as well as female sanitary products.

“In all honesty, I was not always looking into entrepreneurship. Especially not of this nature. I had my doubts at first, but after a while, my desires and attitude started to match up,” she said.

Reid described her relationship with disposable pads and liners as exhausting, due to the fact that she developed an allergic reaction each time she gave a new brand a try. Tired of having to visit the doctor almost every month, she went online and started doing research in the hopes of ending her monthly feminine discomfort. After much reading and online being convinced, she bought her first cloth pad. Reid recounted the experience as a breath of fresh air and got her menopausal mother into the loop of things. Her mother enjoys using these eco-friendly products because they are breathable and can be worn daily, which is scoring big in her book, since she never knows when Mother Nature will surprise her with a package decked with red bows.


According to Reid, all the materials that are used are organic and safe.

“The cotton family is very broad and I dabble in a few of them to achieve high-quality, practical products ... products that will function as it needs to, as well as to be visually attractive and fun.”

By now you’re wondering, how on earth do you launder them? Well, they’re pretty easy to clean. After all, unless you have a blood-borne illness, menstrual fluid has zero toxins. All you have to do is put them under the pipe until the water runs clear, soak and wash as you would with any of your other garments. Hang them out to dry and store again until your next cycle.


When asked how she hopes to affect the Jamaican society, Reid quickly explained that her goal is to bring awareness to Jamaican females who suffer from gynaecological issues when using disposables, and aid in reducing waste to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle.

If you or any woman you know could benefit from a change, or you’re just as curious as we were and in need of more information, follow them on social media @simplyholisticcreations, or call them at 876-470-2126.