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She Speaks launches empowering lecture series

Published:Sunday | June 30, 2019 | 12:08 AMLatara Boodie - Gleaner Writer
The lovely ladies of She Speaks lecture series.
E-Learning Professional, Titanya Clarke, addresses the women at the recently staged She Speaks initiative.
Shauna Fuller-Clarke, entrepreneur and social activist.
Emma Lewis, writer and social media cactivist.
Rachel Morrison, consultant, focusing on sexual health
Pretty in pink, Kelli-Dawn Hamilton plays an active part as moderator for the evening.
Titanya Clarke, E-learning professional.
Chevonnese Chevers-Whyte, UWI lecturer and managing director of Night Vision Media.
Tameka Coley, writer of Hard Gal Fi Dead.

Imagine being among a group of women that are focused on empowering other women by guiding them with real life experiences, and tips on overcoming the many curve balls in life.

Last week, She Speaks, launched its invigorating lecture series at JAMPRO’s Business Auditorium. She Speaks, is a discussion series where women from all sectors of Jamaican society, meet to share and discuss new and innovative ideas that can be implemented for the development of the island and region.

The event is aimed at amplifying the voices of females through leaders in Jamaica and the region, using a public forum designed to attract civic-minded individuals, and appeal to entrepreneurs and technocrats alike. The series is driven by the belief that Jamaica’s potential for success lies in our ability to execute strategies effectively, inspire new ideas, and connect with like minds. This is all viewed through a female lens, and is led by She Speaks creator, Antoinette Campbell.

“The idea came to me when I was among a group of girlfriends and I realised how powerful and inspiring our conversations were. If I could get a group of women in a room that are able to inspire each other then that would be the start of something great,” said Campbell.

With seven captivating speakers, She Speaks, led an energetic discussion on various topics ranging from mental health to climate change. The speakers included, Tameka Coley, writer of Hard Gal Fi Dead, focusing on mental health; Emma Lewis, writer and social media activist, focusing on the environment; Kelly McIntosh, content creator, focusing on nutrition; Chevonnese Chevers-Whyte, UWI lecturer, managing director of Night Vision Media, exploring the animation revolution in Jamaica and female parity in this burgeoning industry; Shauna Fuller-Clarke, entrepreneur and social activist, exploring female empowerment; Rachel Morrison, consultant, focusing on sexual health and Titanya Clarke, E-learning professional, focusing on e-learning.

Each speaker connected with the audience by imparting valuable life lessons learnt from them. A key point from the lecture series: “Grand transformation is never done with one huge step, it is many small steps done consistently,” which was said by McIntosh.

This is the first of many lecture series to come. To find out more, visit @shespeaksja on Instagram.