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Dream House | An amazing dome home

Published:Sunday | September 1, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Jamaican architect’s home featured on HGTV’S ‘The World’s Most Extreme Homes’.
Construction begins on a dome house.

They refuse to let it go! It seems that some of my loyal readers have been left in a state of anxious expectation, judging by the number of enquiring email responses I have received.

The subject matter concerns a Dream House article published a couple of weeks ago, which highlighted a home beyond the usual and expected, featured on HGTV’s ‘The World’s Most Extreme Homes’.

Originally burnt to the ground and rebuilt, it was designed and constructed by a Jamaican architect as his dream home. Although it has garnered international exposure, the structure’s face is imperceptible among the dense foliage, not eager to show itself to the world.

That, my friends, is the crux of the matter. The text had been presented and read, photographs of the interior shown, inviting us in …. but the exterior pictures were not revealed. Curiosity has got the better of them!

We now give you what was requested.

Speaking of photos. This established visual medium for more than 100 years has allowed us all to enjoy and appreciate, while changing the way we think about architecture.

Professional photographer and architect from Trinidad and Tobago, Brian Lewis, says, “Stunning architectural photography can also help to explain design intent and features of a building, and so help the public better understand the value of good design.”

HGTV, the third most popular cable channel in America, with its hit show ‘The World’s Most Extreme Homes’, celebrates the amazing and offbeat in architecture and home design globally. There is no surprise that this Jamaican dome house was included on its list.

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