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Hear Me Out Life Uncut: Into the Mind of (Wo)Men

Published:Sunday | November 3, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Antonette Newell (left) and Sashelle Gooden, hosts of the YouTube series, ‘Hear Me Out Life Uncut’.
Hosts Sashelle Gooden (left) and Antonette Newell (right), are joined on the set of Hear Me Out Life Uncut, episode one, by André Gordon, commissioned land surveyor (second left), and Cornelia Walters, CEO and founder of, to discuss the dynamism of the male-female relationships. Host location is SpaDate.

There are many controversial views on gender roles and norms, especially as it relates to romantic relationships. Views vary based on experience, observation, and interactions. The first episode of Hear Me Out Life Uncut, delves into the dynamics of male and female interactions within the context of workplace relationships, as well as on a more personal or intimate level.

Guest panellists André Gordon (commissioned land surveyor) and Cornelia Walters Jones (CEO and founder of proposed responses for plaguing questions such as: ‘Why do men cheat?’ ‘What do women expect in a relationship’ and ‘What is the ultimate deal breaker for both men and women in a relationship?’

“There were moments when Gordon left us speechless, and maybe even a little hopeless, especially for us single ladies,” said host Sashelle Gooden.


The similarity in responses of the ladies and, in contrast, the difference in opinion offered by Gordon, possibly confirms the speculation that men and women see out of different eyes, crave different things and are maybe totally different species altogether.

“My view on a relationship is simple, before you go searching for a partner or before you accept a suitor, know who you are and what you want for your own life. Do not search for someone ‘to complete you’, ensure that you are a complete person before you try to merge your life with someone else’s. Sometimes it might mean taking a break and getting to understand yourself! Know what are your ‘musts’ and discuss your expectations with your potential partner. The importance of communicating starts before you enter the relationship. Enter on a verbal contract! I’m accused of having high and unrealistic expectations, but to each his own. Remember ladies, being alone and being lonely are totally different,” says Gooden.

She continued, “Antonette, being married, offers a different perspective from mine. She muses that girls grow up playing house with their girlfriends. We spend most of our time fantasising and planning our future, which often times surrounded our wedding day, family and dream job. Boys, on the other hand, are encouraged to play sports, games, or other activities, and are not taught of ‘the need’ to be in a relationship.”

So how do people who grow up with two different perspectives on life get together and merge their differences to coexist?

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