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Hear Me Out - ‘Pursuit of Happiness’

Published:Sunday | November 10, 2019 | 12:09 AM
Glen Titus Campbell, shares lens time with hosts Antonette Newell (left) and Sashelle Gooden, on the set of Episode 2, filmed at Centerstage, home of Jambiz Productions.
Glen Campbell (right) receiving his award from Governor General, Sir Patrick Allen.

How many times have you switched jobs trying to find fulfilment? We usually start these jobs feeling boosted and ready to succeed. But then, by the time we get settled in the job, we start feeling annoyed and empty. We start complaining about how hard the job is, how horrible our bosses and co-workers are, and even start detesting the customers. We find every reason in the book to support our theory that the job is the problem, never us. The amusing thing is that most adults aren’t even sure what they want to become in life, yet they bounce around from job to job, trying to find one that will make them happy.

The real thing is … maybe it’s not the job, maybe we are the problem. It’s not our employer, it’s not our coworkers, it’s not the excessive workload meted out to us and it is definitely not the clients. Maybe you are feeling trapped and unfulfilled because you are not exploring your talents and gifts.

According to Antonette Newell, one of the hosts for the YouTube series, ‘Hear Me Out Life Uncut’, “I have been lucky to be friends with one of the most inspiring, fearless, focused, and talented persons anyone could ever know. Over the years, I have watched him build on his talent, while helping others to perfect theirs. He has taught me what passion and determination is. He is self-fulfilled and happy with his decision and career path. We have talked long hours, and I even got many opportunities to experience the behind-the-scenes aspects of his job, as well as the excitement of his on-stage performances. He has taught me that you have to take a leap of faith sometimes and dive into the unknown, giving it your all.”

This friend is Glen ‘Titus’ Campbell.

He left his corporate job many years ago, to venture into acting – a career path that most Jamaicans did not consider to be an option when considering full-time employment.

Order of Distinction

He has achieved much success in his field and is one of Jamaica’s most decorated actors today, so much so that he was awarded a national honour on Heroes Day 2019 for his contribution to acting and has now added the Order of Distinction under his belt.

“It was no surprise that when Sashelle (Gooden) and I decided to do ‘Hear Me Out - Life Uncut’, that Glen would be featured to share his experience with non-traditional jobs and give advice to those of us who are torn with the decision to jump ship for what we hope will be better,” said Newell, one of the hosts for the ‘Hear Me Out’ series.

“Most of us are hesitant, especially growing up in an era where parents and society taught us that becoming doctors, lawyers, teachers, bankers or anything corporate is the epitome of how we measure success. Glen was the first person we filmed when doing Season 1 and he paved the way for us (well, me) to get comfortable on set as this was my first time on camera.”

On Episode 2 of ‘Hear Me Out – Life Uncut’, they explored the topic: ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’, speaking directly to non-traditional jobs and the benefits that exist in today’s society.

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