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Hear Me Out Life Uncut Episode 3 – Adopted for Life

Published:Sunday | November 17, 2019 | 12:11 AM
Hosts of the new YouTube sensation, ‘Hear Me Out Life Uncut’, Sashelle Gooden (left) and Antonette Newell.
Adoptee Tanya Mowatt Goffe (right) pauses to take a picture with hosts Sashelle Gooden (centre) and Antonette Newell on set at Sky Dweller Ultra Lounge, sponsor of Episode 3.

The hosts of Hear Me Out Life Uncut – who, by the way, are also the producers of the series – chose to explore the known yet secretive topic of adoption in an effort to shed some light on the myths and ignorance associated with it.

Episode 3 features Tanya Mowatt Goffe, an adoptee who shares her experiences growing up in an adopted family. She also gives advice to persons who are considering adoption.

Is there a stigma attached to adoption?

Generally, there is a stigma attached to adoption and this may be as a result of lack of knowledge. Sashelle Gooden, one of the hosts, expressed, “The truth is that unless you are actually adopted, affected by adoption or work in that field, most of us have no clue about the topic, or even care to find out.”

Antonette Newell added: “Some persons may have even heard horror stories about adoption either from the adopted child or the parents of adopted children. Whatever the reason for the stigma, we want to do our part to show the benefits of adoption.”

The benefits of adoption

From the discussions with the guest, the first and most important benefit unearthed is the direct benefit for the adopted child. The child will benefit from having a stable home with parents who have committed to taking care of them. They will receive the love and care that their birth parents or the State may not have been capable of providing.

Second, the adopted family would have been blessed with a child which, on their own, they may not have been able to conceive, thus completing their family.

And, last but not least, the one that most people may overlook is the benefit it brings to the birth parents (especially mothers), who possibly had unplanned or unexpected pregnancies and are not ready to be a parent, whether financially, emotionally or mentally.

“It takes a certain strength and courage after carrying your child full term, to admit that you are unable to give him or her the life they deserve and opt to give the child a better opportunity. I don’t think ‘giving up your child for adoption’ is because you don’t want your child, it is because you want better for your child,” Gooden expressed.

The success of Tanya’s story

Tanya’s story is one of triumph and blessings.

An ecstatic Newell expressed, “This episode will leave you with a different perspective on adoption. Most persons who have watched the episode already, expressed how happy they were that we explored this topic, because they have been considering adopting but were scared because of the negatives they believe were associated with the topic. Others, who we have known for years, eventually opened up to us about being adopted. They felt more comfortable sharing their story after watching the episode.”

Gooden supported her co-host.

“This topic brought many things into perspective for us, and we would encourage Jamaicans to be more open to the possibility of adopting. We can change the social construct of Jamaica by doing our part to make family life better. Families are the backbone of any society, and having a loving and stable family and home life can make better children and adults.”

This episode airs tonight at 7:30 p.m.

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