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Infertility increasing in Jamaica?

Published:Sunday | November 24, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Antonette (left) and Sashelle take a selfie on the set of Episode 4 of their YouTube series, ‘Hear Me Out Life Uncut’, at sponsor location, Sky Dweller Ultra Lounge.
From left: Sashelle Gooden and Antonette Newell, Hear Me Out Life Uncut hosts, are joined by Deon Black, representative from the Hugh Wynter Fertility Management Unit.

“Today being my birthday, I am automatically more aware of life-changing realities such as infertility. Not having a child yet and getting older by the day, I start having that fear and wondering ‘what if?’,” expressed Hear Me Out host Sashelle Gooden.

“Our culture has proved to be a little insensitive to issues such as these. We think nothing of asking a couple or individual, ‘wah yu a wait pan?’ So it was imperative to discuss this topic, especially after finding out that infertility is more common than we would like to believe, in both men and women,” Gooden continued.

The YouTube series, in aiming to stimulate conversation and give information on culturally tabooed topics, brings the growing issue of infertility to the fore on tonight’s episode of Hear Me Out Life Uncut, airing at 7:30 p.m.

The episode features a representative from the Hugh Wynter Fertility Management Unit, who speaks to the most common contributors to infertility in both men and women, the proactive/ preventative measures, as well as corrective procedures that can be explored by an individual or couples.

“A lot of persons do not know about the options that exist for infertility, maybe because we don’t want people to know that we are having difficulties conceiving. For Jamaicans, that’s a big thing. We have so many unkind nicknames for men and women who are of a certain age and don’t have a child,” Antonette Newell chimed into the conversation, as she explained one of the main reasons why infertility being one of the topics included in the Hear Me Out season.

Talk about it

Gooden exposed one of her greatest fears: “We can’t attempt to tackle it if we don’t talk about it,” and have constructive conversation that can help people.

“Rather than ridicule someone for enduring an issue they are struggling with, let’s start talking about options available that could fix it. I am scared to death of the idea of not being able to conceive. Choosing not to have a child and not being able to have a child are two totally different things. I want to know if I get to a point that I find a life partner and we wish to have a child, that we can. I am really excited that people are going to get all of this information in a 20-minute conversation. This episode reminds me of exactly why we wanted to do this, ” Gooden said.

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“Happy Birthday Sashelle!”