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Surviving our storms … exploring mental health

Published:Sunday | December 1, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Hosts of the new YouTube sensation, ‘Hear Me Out – Life Uncut’, Sashelle Gooden (left) and Antonette Newell.

Mental disorder is more common than we think. With the evolution of time and everything being demanded instantaneously, this increases our stress levels, especially in the work place. It becomes harder with each passing day to balance work, family life, and even friendships, much less to find time to go to the gym, spa, or relax. Hence, taking care of ourselves is no longer a priority. Priority, therefore, becomes the issue. How do we prioritise our mental health and still achieve economic and relationship success?

“Why did we choose this topic? We chose to highlight this topic because, despite the worldwide attention and education now being given to the topic, and the many treatment facilities being established, the people who need it the most, often times don’t benefit from it because most are still afraid to admit that they suffer, as well as some don’t even know that they are affected,” said Antonette Newell.

Co-host Sashelle Gooden adds: “Yes, the Jamaican saying, that we have a lot of mad people walking around in clean clothes, is somewhat real. Despite using the term ‘mad’ loosely, there is some truth to this statement, and we want to use this medium to highlight real stories with the aim of helping others.”

Season 5 guest Tameka Coley, is a self-published author and her book, Hard Gal fi Dead, speaks directly to mental health and mental illness and was inspired by her own real-life experiences growing up with depression and bipolar disorder.

“I have known Tameka for years and I admire her strength and courage, struggling with this mental condition and still being able to achieve success. There was nobody else I could have used to help Hear Me Out – Life Uncut bring realness to this issue,” said Gooden. In this episode, Coley speaks about her experiences, which also includes her suicidal attempts and bullying. People bully you when they don’t understand your condition, and this is why educating the public is most important when trying to achieve a healthier society.

Talk about it

One of the best and easiest ways to get help with mental illness is to talk about it. Find someone you trust, someone you can reason with, and share your struggles with them. If you have no one you trust, talk to a stranger – talking or venting helps you to release the stress and even helps you to process the situation more.

“Sashelle and I have gone through our own mental struggles, so we talk from experience when we encourage you to talk about it. We have gone through situations that we thought we wouldn’t survive, but luckily, we found a ‘judgement-free zone’ in each other and we were able to be each other’s listening buddy,” Newell expressed.

The hosts also expressed how proud they are of Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Christopher Tufton’s efforts to increase mental health awareness and bring Jamaica to a place of holistic healthiness.

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