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A 2020 state of mind

Published:Sunday | January 5, 2020 | 12:00 AM
Hosts of the Jamaican YouTube Series ‘Hear Me Out – Life Uncut’, Antonette Newell (left) and Sashelle Gooden (second right) on set with K Queens from the Bounty Killer-led Alliance, following an interview at sponsor location Macau Gaming Lounge.

Sashelle Gooden shared her mindset coming into the new year.

“In the midst of disappointment, there is always an opportunity to keep getting better. Get to a point that you don’t have to ‘get ready’, you ‘stay ready’ so that when it’s your turn, no one can take it from you, and that’s the attitude I’ve taken into 2020.”

What are you truly passionate about? An interview with Kaydine and Kerrine Francis, more popularly known in the entertainment circle as ‘K Queens’, revealed the truth behind their loyalty to an industry that, at first glance, hardly seemed to be rewarding their efforts. Most persons measure their career’s success based on the amount of money that they make, but the ‘Queens’ explained that while they anticipate and look forward to the day that financial compensation will be equal to the work that they put in, they are continuously learning and perfecting their craft.

A reward in itself

“How many persons can say that they have religiously tried something for 13 years without a consideration of giving up, even without getting the desired results? These ladies truly show me that when you love what you do, being able to do it is a reward in itself. The motivation I gleaned from them is the reminder of enjoying the journey instead of complaining about it, there is always more to learn,” host of Hear Me Out – Life Uncut Antonette Newell said, is her key take-away from episode eight’s sit-down with the K Queens.

Gooden highlighted her favourite lesson and reminder from the interview.

“Don’t compromise your values en route to success. True success is achieving your goals with your morals, reputation and character in tact. I want my story to be able to encourage others, I want to be proud and not have to hide or alter what I did to get to where I want. Harder doesn’t mean impossible, but you have to commit to it, rest, and rejuvenate, re-evaluate strategy, but keep at it.”

This year, the Hear Me Out team hopes to impact lives in a more tangible way.

“The point of the show was always to be a medium to resonate and lend emotional support to persons through other persons sharing their own experiences. Through the exploration and merging of partnerships, for the year 2020, we aim to impact individuals and businesses. We will be doing individual and organisational engagement,” the hosts revealed.

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“The new year has so much in store for the Queens, it’s hard not to cheer for them once you have spoken to them. They are humble, talented, jovial, and the true epitome of perseverance and resilience. I can’t wait for everyone to hear about the music industry from their experience on tonight’s episode,” Gooden exclaimed.

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