Mon | Jan 20, 2020

Dream House | Somewhere beyond imaginations

Published:Sunday | January 5, 2020 | 12:05 AM
Eight-sided lounge, opening to pool and sea.
Enter the doors of adventure.
A cheerful bedroom.
An architecture of simplicity and sophistication.
A bathroom that facilitates a great daily experience.
What a view! Complete with gazebo (in the background) and more.
157 steps leads to the mysteries of the sea.

We have all been taught, from a very early age, caution at the expense of curiosity, safety at the expense of adventure. But only when we wander into the unknown, can we really experience the fulfilment of a discovery.

We fearlessly continue our dream house exploration, searching for another unknown location ... somewhere beyond our most vivid of imaginations – and here it is.

A haven that is one mile east of the White River (which delineates the parishes of St Mary and St Ann). It hides itself ever so discreetly in the midst of thick woodland, encircled by frangipani trees (which produce a bouquet of white, yellow, or pink flowers); with wild parrots in full view. All framed by infinite, turquoise waters, where seascape and landscape rendezvous in an inseparable, harmonious encounter.

The secured, one-and-a-half acre, bewitchingly charismatic premises had the prestigious London Times writing that its views are unsurpassed and its gardens peerless; while the respected New York Times newspaper called it a ‘Garden of Eden’.

This residential presentation is so distant from what most of us will ever lay eyes on, and yet, it is in such close proximity, with many unknowingly passing right by it daily.

The anatomy of the building expresses a soaring pyramidal wood shingle roof, topping a central octogonal lounge, leading out to a matching, angled verandah; highlighted with a wet bar and dining area.

The two separate wings of the building complement either side of the octogonal, with a configuration between them of four air-conditioned, cheery bedrooms (opening on to private verandahs), each with en-suite bathrooms. An interesting and highly unusual feature is that each bedroom is enhanced with its own foyer.

The huge attention-grabbing, sparkling swimming pool is surrounded by a sun deck overlooking the water, colluding with a dining gazebo – teasing you to come and enjoy.

There are 157 adventurous steps that leads you all the way down to the jetty, providing a walkout access to the mysteries of the sea.

This elysium is cast in an architecture and interior decor reflecting sophisticated simplicity and repose. Not fussy, loud, artistic form and frills, but rather, an uncomplicated approach to aesthetics that emphasises thoughtfulness and restraint, allowing the nature-blessed site to be fully seen, heard, smelt, and felt – at one with the structure.

This is prized real estate. An omission from the weekly series could not have been contemplated, and anything less would not have been deemed necessary to bring to your attention.

- Barry Rattray is a dream house designer and builder. Email: