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Sticking to resolutions

Published:Sunday | January 5, 2020 | 12:00 AMJessica Harrison - Gleaner Writer

Every year, as we wind down to welcome the new year, we can be sure to spot a few people who mock those who are bent on making new year’s resolutions. This should not be the case, as resolutions speak to an inner working of ambition and aspirations while daring to face your fears and dream your impossible dreams.

The truth, however, is in the pudding of proof. Do you have what it takes to see your goal through to the very end? Are you prepared to rely on others for help? How do these goals impact your overall personal development? If you’ve favourably answered any one of these questions, then Outlook is about to help you achieve those goals by giving you five tips to ensure that you stick to your new year’s resolutions.

Make Realistic Goals

While dreaming big is always encouraged, make things smaller and simpler. Instead of aiming to look like Jennifer Lopez in the ’90s within six months, how about choosing healthier foods with less salt and sugar, and maybe working out twice per week at your convenience? Setting unrealistic goals is why most people find it hard to see their resolutions through to the end.

Define the Goals

So you want to go back to school or learn a skill? What do you want to study? What tools do you need? How do you plan to keep good grades or practise? Break it down, develop a plan, and try your best to stick to it. Make each step small, specific, and deliberate.


Any successful person will tell you that they have a routine. Routines are good because they lead to deliberate habits, and good deliberate habits lead to success. If your goal is to improve your relationships, then that means it has passed the stage of just winging it. What do you need to engage in daily or weekly with the people you care about that will lead to a better bond? Set aside time for those specific actions.

Embrace Setbacks

It’s OK that we fail sometimes. After all, we’re only human. Take setbacks as a time to consult with yourself and work out the way forward. Being sad and refusing to continue will only put you right back where you started. Realign and keep on swimming.

Rely on Support

Teamwork makes the dream work. No man is an island. You do not have to do this or anything alone. When there’s support, you’re more inclined to keep pushing because you feel a sense of responsibility. If your goal is to be financially prudent, find a financial adviser who you’re comfortable with – and don’t be afraid to ask all the questions. Where you are weak, there’s bound to be someone who is strong. It’s okay to trust people, ask for help and rely on them.

Bonus point

Write everything down. When it’s all said and done, you will have tangible, detailed evidence of your journey and for every time you feel like giving up, with the turn of a page, you’ll remember why you started.