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Jewel relaxes the mind and spirit with Wellness Week

Published:Sunday | January 12, 2020 | 12:00 AMKareem LaTouche
Hammocks are placed throughout the property to promote relaxation.
Instructor Nadine Cobourne guides participants through several calming exercises.
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The hotel offers a slew of non-motorised activities.
In between sessions, instructors (from left) Nadine Cobourne, Oran Carby, Sienna Creasy, and Emily Albee take some time to relax and chat.

Located in Runaway Bay, Jewel Paradise Cove has always prided itself on a different type of hotel. For starters, the 225-room property offers a menu that promotes healthy eating and has 10 fit-training stations on the premises.

“Jewel Paradise Cove is nestled in a secluded ocean-front cove. The layout of the property is conducive to more personalised service and gives a more island appeal. Offerings of complimentary, value-added excursions, as well as our health and wellness-themed activities are some of the variations when compared to our other properties,” Barbara Burton, general manager, said.

To complement this theme, the hotel has been hosting it’s Wellness Week since since 2015, which fuses body, mind and spirit with a cultural undertone. “This initiative began with the acquisition of the property, and the vision to bring forward a wellness component as an instalment for Jewel Paradise Cove. The property has a calming ambience with lush gardens, a peaceful cove and serene quiet beach,” stated Sienna Creasy, spa director.

Participants engage in a week-long activity schedule, which has them beginning each day with a power walk for 30 minutes. This is followed by a yoga class that is intended to provide flexibility and rejuvenation for the day’s courses.

Creasy, a ‘reggaelates’ instructor, further explained, “Early-morning yoga is a great way to wake up the mind and body by connecting to the breath. Persons who practise yoga in the morning can create more energy throughout the day, bring flexibility into their body, which can prevent injury, and increase the calm that can carry into the workplace, school and family life.”

After participants’ minds have been relaxed, the tempo picks up with a spinning class, titled ‘spinning your stress away.’ This momentum continues with Aqua Groove, which involves exercises that are done in the pool.

“Our spin class is a combination of high-intensity music and a guided ride by our own Oran Carby, the resident fitness instructor on our property. Carby is mostly known for his Aqua Groove classes, which includes soca and dancehall moves, all done in the pool.”

When this is completed, persons can opt to take a break or a special spa treatment to relieve muscle aches. As part of the package, the amenities of the all-inclusive hotel is available to each participant. Hence, most persons went to relax on the beach, while others sat under the cabanas enjoying their meals.

The programme resumes at 4:30 p.m., as the sun begins to set over the Caribbean Sea. The crimson view is soothing, as persons do wind-down exercises while listening to the crashing waves.

Creasy states that the hotel has got overwhelmingly positive responses from participants. “They love the variety of classes that educate and offer them a practice that they may have never experienced. We have included reiki (energy healing), yoga nidra (yogic sleep), meditation and much more that give guests a complete mind and body reset.”

The final activity for the day is at 6:30 p.m., after which persons are free to indulge in the multiple water activities, dining at one of its seven restaurants, or visiting the Bling nightclub that opens at 10 p.m.

For persons who can’t make it for the entire week, there are day rates available and some days carry slightly different activities, like a healthy cooking class. The Wellness Week is held three times for the year and the hotel constantly improves the package.

“Our next Wellness Week will be May 10-17. We will have special international eastern medicine and Thai yoga teacher Obediya Darrel Jones, who will offer special classes on Thai yoga and Thai yoga massage. Of course, we will have our own reggaelates with me and our favourite Zumba master, Shani McGraham Shirley,” concludes Creasy.

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