Mon | Mar 30, 2020

Unlocking the mysteries of 'ADULTING'

Published:Sunday | March 15, 2020 | 12:12 AMDania Beckford - Contributor
Dania Beckford

As I scrolled through my Instagram feed, I read a post that I wanted to like at least three times. It said, ‘Adulthood is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane’.

Then I quickly reminisced on my years at St Hilda’s Diocesan High School when I thought that by 25 years of age, I would have my dream job, the ‘big’ house by the beach (I am from Discovery Bay); the hottest car (maybe two ‘bright and cute’ children) and all the money I needed to live the good life! Wave your hand if you thought so too. Well, let me just say, I am 35 years old and though the dream has changed drastically, I am still working through that list that I thought was the pinnacle of ‘adulting’.

Very quickly, I realised that amid all the necessary academics that we have been taught in school which assisted us in navigating exams to move from one class/school/stage to the next, we learned very little about protocol and etiquette and how to effectively move through social spaces with class and fluidity which can help us to attain some of those same goals. So we find ourselves nodding our heads in agreement when we see posts on our social media platforms like “so it turns out that being an adult is mostly Googling how to do stuff”. And I know you have been googling!

Well, have no fear, we shall deal with it here! From the simple things like how to eat rolls at a dinning table properly, to the winning walk, what to wear and when to wear it and, of course, sealing that million-dollar deal before lunch is over. I will share my experiences – good and not-so-good – to give you a few insights on how to make social spaces work for you. (I can feel the introverts cringing).

But let us be honest, academic accolades (certificates and degrees) – whether you barely scraped through or earned honours and distinctions – only prove that you are trainable. However, after that potential employer/client or business partner realises that you can be trained, the secret that very few have shared is that: garnering the ‘soft skills’ and having the emotional intelligence to balance these with what we have learned in the classroom will separate those of us who are successful and others who feel that they have been stuck in the career rut.

So we have already learned how to pass exams, some of us are now clamouring to learn about stocks since every company seems to be going to IPO in Jamaica and we want to earn SMARTER instead of harder. So whether you need 15 minutes each day to meditate, an hour of exercise or a series of voice-and-speech classes, I challenge you, you will begin to unlock the mysteries of ‘adulting’ each Sunday as we take an even broader outlook and get on the path of ‘grooming for life’!