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Be on the cutting edge - Claudia Grant

Published:Tuesday | March 3, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Claudia Grant

The first part of this article was published two weeks ago on the Shipping Industry page.

Claudia Grant's proudest moment would come when she was named to the working team to get Jamaica on the International Maritime Organisation's (IMO) 'white list', to allow the country to continue to train seafarers whose certification would be recognised worldwide.

The five-man team worked on the project for a year before submitting the relevant paperwork to the IMO.

"When the first list was published, Jamaica was on the list," she said proudly.

When the Government of Jamaica established the interim maritime administration, she was named senior director and, upon the agency being named the Maritime Authority of Jamaica, she was appointed deputy director general.

The MAJ, Grant has worked on many projects aimed at improving Jamaica's maritime industry. She is a member of the IMO's regional audit team that conducts audits of member states, regarding the implementation of treaties to which they are signatories.

Additionally, she represents Jamaica on the Implementation of IMO Instruments (III) Sub-Committee.

Grant thoroughly enjoys her job at MAJ. "It's exciting. The MAJ is a small organisation, when compared to the others. We have a small team and we tend to huddle, especially when it comes to policy matters," Grant said, noting that with the broad scope that MAJ oversees, there's always something new to work on.

On her success in the industry, Grant said she never lets the concept of the 'boys' club' intimidate her.

"I grew up with boys and I was always comfortable in their presence," she said.


advice to young women


Her advice to young women who desire to join the industry, and for those already in the industry, is to work hard and focus on educating themselves. "Educate yourself, keep up-to-date on changes in the industry, be on the cutting edge, trade-on your skills and remain professional," she advised.

Women, she said, should not be daunted by the concept of the 'boys' club', but should instead focus more on their contribution. With valuable contribution, she pointed out, the recognition will come.

The self-proclaimed housewife at heart is married to Dawit and dedicates her time to giving back to her community through her church - Pentecostal Tabernacle - where she serves on the Project Hope Foundation board.