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First captain of TUI Cruises impressed with Port of Kingston

Published:Tuesday | January 23, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Captain Kjell Holm (fifth left), his crew and representatives of Kingston Wharves smile for the camera after the plaque exchange.
The Mein Schiff entering port in preparation for docking.

The captain of a cruise ship has enormous responsibilities, chief among them is to safely ferry passengers as they gain the best experiences. The recent visit by the TUI Cruises, Mein Schiff 6 into Kingston was an opportunity for Captain Kjell Holm to continue this tradition of safety while visiting a port he hadn't called on before.

Captain Holm has the unique distinction of being the first captain of TUI Cruises. He has piloted every class of vessel, from the Mein Schiff 1 through his current captaincy on the Mein Schiff 6. A seafarer for more than 53 years, he has been to all parts of the world, but was particularly impressed that the Port of Kingston, not a traditional cruise port, was able to accommodate the largest cruise vessel it has ever serviced at such short notice. The vessel was to be homeported in Montego Bay, with passengers embarking and disembarking the vessel at either the start or end of their cruise.

Being good hosts to the Port of Kingston, the team from Kingston Wharves Limited facilitated the customary plaque exchange with captain and crew. In his acceptance, Captain Holm reminded those present of the importance of the ceremony, which signalled that this was the vessel's first voyage to the particular port and the opportunity it provides to build future partnerships.




TUI Cruises is a Germany-based, joint-venture cruise line of the German Tourist firm TUI AG and the American cruise line operator Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Cruise offerings are marketed to mainly clients from Germany with sailings to destinations in the Caribbean, Baltic and Mediterranean seas, Asia, North and America, and Western Europe. The company will launch two new vessels in 2018 and 2019 to replace the oldest in the fleet.

Will Captain Holm be the captain of these new vessels? Time will tell.