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Preparing for the shift in Career Growth Opportunities for Women

Published:Sunday | September 2, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Jennifer Nugent-Hill
Delegates from across the world attending the Women in Maritime Caribbean Association's first conference in September 2016.

Expectations are high as the Jamaica chapter of the Women in Maritime Association (Carib-bean) prepares to host logistics management expert Jennifer Nugent-Hill at their next meeting on Wednesday September 12, 2018 at 5p.m. Nugent Hill Director of Governmental and Community Affairs at Tropical Shipping USA, LLC will speak on the topic, 'The Shift in Career Growth Opportunities for Women in the Maritime Sector - Preparedness and Readiness for new professionals is essential'.

A member of the association, Nugent Hill has been serving Tropical Shipping in various management roles for over twenty-three years and brings this wealth of knowledge and experience to share with women in Jamaica who are interested in this exciting future and advising them on how to prepare for it. The participants are in for a rare treat as Nugent Hill started at the Tropical Shipping in 1995 as the General Manager for both sales and operations in the business of shipping and logistics and was promoted from Regional Manager of key markets and trade lanes to the first female vice president of the company.

She is quoted as saying, " I am part of our company's founding mentorship leadership team where we have formalised our mentoring program to create and foster the future leaders in our company- our next wave of leaders must come from the proteges we are mentoring. I will be happy to describe that process we developed for success."

WiMAC is opening their meeting to any participants who are interested in the topic. They believe the maritime, shipping and logistics community as well as women and men in business of all kinds will find this discussion valuable.

WiMAC was established in April 2015 under the banner of the International Maritime Association which has established several other regional "WIMA" across the globe. The aim of these associations is to provide a forum for networking and advocacy in support of the IMO's program for the integration of women in a highly-traditional and male-dominated industry. Additionally, these associations focus on uniting women as a force for positive change and development; monitoring initiatives which encourage engender equity; promote the maritime sector as a viable career for women and provide access to training and job opportunities for women.

The discussion of the potential for women, the shifting landscape, and the process of mentorship will make for an enlightening and fruitful discussion that is sure to resonate with those who attend.