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Something Extra

Published:Tuesday | August 5, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Honoured for her work in media, Dr Marcia Forbes is all smiles holding her citation as she listens intently to Sonia Bertram Linton's (not pictured) message on behalf of the honorees. -Brian McCalla/Freelance Photographer
Lorna Edwards from the Class of 1970 is surrounded by 'paparazzis' as she danced and enjoyed herself at The Queen's School's 60th anniversary celebration at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel last Friday.-Brian McCalla/Freelance Photographer
Denise Gopie and her brother, Trevor, pose for the camera at the Queen's School's 60th anniversary celebration.-Brian McCalla/Freelance Photographer
Lady in red and one of the honorees of the night, Helene Davis Whyte, is all smiles for our lens.-Brian McCalla/Freelance Photographer
Marsha Lee Knox and Marlon Suckie stuck to the all-white dress code in a smashing way for Smirnoff Daydreams, part of the Smirnoff Dream Weekend in Negril, on Saturday.-Contributed
Myles Chingara and Tonelle Madsen were happy they made the journey to Jamaica for Smirnoff Daydreams, part of the Smirnoff Dream Weekend in Negril, on Saturday.-Contributed
Stephen Price (right) traded in his LIME head of retail hat for promoter hat, as he hosted Beer Vibes, part of the Smirnoff Dream Weekend, in Negril. Here, he welcomes DJ Jazzy T to the controls.-Contributed

'Old girls' of The Queen's School looked as young as ever when they were
awarded at the institution's 60th anniversary at The Jamaica Pegasus
hotel last Saturday, while others headed to the west coast for the annual
party fest known as Smirnoff Dream Weekend.

Tuesday Talk

IMF and justice

1 Many people are wondering what will it take the administration to complete the new courts building in downtown Kingston. Some are suggesting that the only things that get done with any urgency these days can only be at the behest of the IMF. If the IMF were somehow made to understand that the administration and delivery of justice are important to creating a just and prosperous society, maybe, just maybe, it will be done.

High weed

2 Little backyard farms are springing up all over as more persons become convinced that the weed can provide a cure for their ailments. Eyebrows were raised recently when one from society's top shelf had guests over and they noticed the plants. He explained that he had to have his "tea" daily and since he had ample space, why not grow it for himself.

Cricket time

3 Some people are predicting that the drum is beating for Test cricket in the region. The short form of the game, although hated by the purists, will apparently take over if the crowd at Sabina Park is anything to go by.

Going after men

4 Talk about aggression. Some women are really 'turning things up' as they go after men. It doesn't matter if the man is single, if he becomes the object of attraction, he will get all forms of encouragement, including explicit photos - in one case, the display has gone viral and many are now hurting.


5 Pilfering was always a problem for box owners at Sabina Park. The question: whose heads will roll after the massive rampage which occurred recently wherein television sets, even refrigerators, and assorted liquors were reportedly removed? Someone should be held accountable for this security breach.