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Get ready for 'Skool' with LIME

Published:Friday | August 22, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Happy recipients of gifts from last year's LIME Skool Aid event. - File

Plans are now in high gear as telecommunications firm LIME prepares to host more than 50,000 patrons this weekend at its annual back-to-school event, Skool Aid, scheduled for JamWorld in Portmore.

Now celebrating its fifth anniversary, LIME has expanded Skool Aid to reach more people in more places and will wrap things up with a massive event planned for Sunday. The company is now preparing to offer even more assistance in the form of free medical, dental and optical checks for children; free school bags and supplies; as well as a raft of other services for those heading back to school in September.

"Not only do we want to give back to Jamaica and to our customers in a meaningful way, but we also see ourselves as playing a vital role in providing assistance for parents and children, most of whom would otherwise have considerable difficulty financing their various back-to-school needs," says Carlo Redwood, LIME's vice-president for marketing.


"This year, we expanded the programme and brought more Skool Aid to more people in rural Jamaica. The response was tremendous and we are happy that we were able to bring assistance to areas which have never experienced this type of activity before. We certainly intend to continue to deliver more 'Skool Aid' in the years to come," Redwood said.

Also on Sunday, LIME will be facilitating a 'one-stop-shop' for parents seeking bargains on items such as books, uniforms and lunch box supplies through a number of vendors and partners who will be offering significant discounts. The day will be complete with scholarship giveaways, phone specials, a large amusement park, petting zoo, marching bands and a live entertainment package.

Patrons are asked to purchase $300 LIME mobile credit at select LIME locations in Kingston, Portmore and Spanish Town to secure a ticket for the event.