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Claire celebrates two birthdays in style

Published:Friday | September 5, 2014 | 12:00 AM
From left: Hyacinth Martlew; Cedric Law, husband of the guest of honour, Claire Law; Dr Mearle Barrett; and Siobhan Grant pose for the camera.
Angeline Carr (left) pins the corsage on the guest of honour, Claire Law.
Claire Law sharing a dance with old friend Alf St P. Grant, justice of the peace of Kingston.
Claire Law cuts her birthday cake with granddaughter Alex Law. -Photos by Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer

Jody-Anne Lawrence, Staff Reporter

The hard-working pharmacist, businesswoman and woman of faith, Claire Law, celebrated not one, but two birthdays in fine style, complete with showers of blessing at the Mona Visitors' Lodge, St Andrew, last Friday.

The heavy downpour certainly did not rain on Law's parade, but rather brought showers of blessings, literally. Family, friends and Church brethren from the Kingston Open Bible Church came out in strong support to celebrate her 80th birthday and 62nd born again birthday.

The children started the toasts, and one thing was evident - apart from her being well loved - her husband Cedric is her heartbeat. As their children put it, "You can't mention Mom without Dad. They are a unit."

Her daughter, Anna, even mentioned, "If you want to see mom upset, mess with her Cedric."

They also spoke of their mother being stern but loving, as well as a woman of strong faith, which she instilled in all of them.

Her son, Brian, recalled a situation when he called his mother from Florida, and told her of a rough situation he was experiencing. His mother showed up the next day to support him, without his request. She was on-call to all her six children - four boys and two girls. This was something that she did not believe she would be doing as she kept telling them from an early age that she would soon pass.

"Mom always said that, 'I soon die.' So one day when she said it to me, I said to her, 'Mom you saying you going to die from I was a child but you still alive.' This was her response, 'I even closer now'," her son Mark said, to much laughter.

touching lives

One thing was sure to her loved ones - she was not done touching lives, so God was not ready for her as yet.

Long-time friend Mabel Wood, in her toast, made reference to always trying to model Law. She worked with Law while she was a pharmacist and always emulated her, not only as a co-worker, but as a mother. She admired the grace that Law carried herself with, and thus tried to follow in her exemplary footsteps, as did many of her friends.

Law responded to all the wonderful good wishes and sentiments with humility, thanks and a bit of humour.

"When Rev say 'May she', I was wondering if he was going to say 'May she rest in peace'," said Law, cracking up the room.

What would a birthday celebration be without gifts? But Law, with her giving spirit, switched up the roles and gave each guest whose birthday was in August a token.

Of course, there was entertainment, as a dance number was performed by her church youth group.