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Something Extra

Published:Wednesday | November 5, 2014 | 12:00 AM
10/10 for effort! Theodore Walker and Andrinette Smith enter Ribbiz and turn heads during Smirnoff Halloween Friday.
Good friends (from left) Leacroft Forden, Angela Amir, Seya Henry-Wilson, Geoffrey Bailey and Olivia Lindsay enjoy the good vibes and atmosphere. Contributed
Carla Gibson-Newell is clearly looking for hubble, bubble, toil and trouble. Contributed PHOTOS
Alison Moss-Solomon 'ghouls' it up in style for the Skyy Vodka's Halloween party. Winston Sill/ Freelance Photographer
Gary Dixon, marketing director - wines and spirits, J. Wray & Nephew, tossed his business suit for horns and a fork at the Dark Skyy Halloween Party last Friday.
J. Wray and Nephew's 'Lady' Chesna Haber and Skyy Vodka's 'Pimp' Kevon Spence are seen in high spirits. Winston Sill/ Freelance Photographer

Just when you thought the social scene could not get any scarier, it did. Our partygoers on this small island certainly know how to go all out as highlighted in today's daily dose of EXTRA.