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Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | December 2, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Still no mayor for Portmore

1. Mayor George Lee of Portmore died in September 2013, and months before that, he was out sick, yet Portmore is still without a mayor, as no new election has been called. Roger Clarke died August 2014, and his central Westmoreland seat will be filled after yesterday's by-election. Could the explanation be that Central Westmoreland is PNP country?

America's race issue

2. Many people didn't known the American actress Jada Pinkett Smith had Jamaican roots. Well, her Jamaica-born grandma (one hot mama in bikini) and the family, including superstar husband Will, made it a Jamaican Thanksgiving this year and, from all accounts, they had a good time. Jada posted a photo on Facebook and said she was praying for victims of violence, including Michael Brown's family. You would never believe the negative comments from those who feel the young man was out looking for trouble and got what he deserved. America has a long way to go in settling the race issue.

Mr Deep Pocket's plight

3. So if you can't marry the lady, at least you can keep her happy by giving her a spanking new car. But, wait! The wife wants a new car too. After both were taken to the auto show on separate days, of course, Mr Deep Pocket now has to recalculate his Christmas budget.

Bad for business

4. It is a fact that many customers are lost at the cash register. Frustration reached boiling point at one retail outlet this past weekend when customers had to suffer in line for more than an hour in order to cash their items. The explanation is that the new computer system is slow! And, to make matters worse, one cashier was in no mood to look up an item on the computer. She declared that she could not find the item and flung it in a basket, leaving the customer no alternative but to walk away. This is no way to do business.