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Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | December 9, 2014 | 12:01 AM

1 The lawmaker will start the year in a new House - not a political house this time, but a matrimonial house as she greets 2015 as a newly wed. More on this later.

2 Christmas in Jamaica is always a time of grand celebration and this year will not be outdone. Many who could not come to the rock are now planning their trips armed with legal papers as they thank Uncle Sam for keeping them going for many years despite their illegal status.

3 The character played by the actor did not win him many friends when he tried to beat down ordinary rural folk - but they now have the last laugh cause money can't buy everything.

4 It was such am embarrassing episode when the lawman became so inebriated at a party that he could not get to the bathroom in time to avoid an accident. Whew!