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Something Extra

Published:Friday | December 12, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Sashauna Murray-Robinson, premium relationship officer at Scotia, pauses for a quick snap as she makes her way with goodies for customers.
Carrole Guntley's (left) expression says it all and Yolande Fullwood of Kremi is happy she hits the spot with the specially created Scotia Possibilities ice cream.
Happy customers make happy clients. Michelle Senior (centre) of Scotia is all smiles as she highlights her birthday to clients Cyril and Joyce Bridge.
The retro team, big wigs and all. From left, Sashauna Murray-Robinson, Heather Walker-Boyd, Dillion Ebanks, Beverley Ledgister-Gordon, Lorraine Walker Nelson (stooping), Tamika Peru, Michelle Senior and André Harvey at the Constant Spring Scotia Financial Centre.-PHOTOS BY Brian McCalla/ Freelance Photographer
From left, Council of Voluntary Social Services' Ruth-Ann Woolcock; Ruth Chisholm, communications specialist, JNBS Foundation's Social Enterprise Boost Initiative; and author Kellie Magnus enjoy an animated conversation at the launch of the JNBS Foundation's Coffee Table Book, 'Take a Look at My World'.
Shanti Persaud-Levy imprints a congratulatory note after the successful launch of the JNBS Foundation's Coffee Table Book, 'Take a Look at My World', on Tuesday, December 9, at The Terrace, Devon House. The book features a compilation of photographic work taken over the past decade by former and current participants in the Foundation's Resolution Project, which caters to students in rural high schools across Jamaica. -Contributed

As corporate Jamaica celebrates the end of another fantastic year, it has been mixing and mingling from the 'Countryside' to the financial hub, Scotiabank. We have the EXTRA highlights.