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Cabana City Reserve transformed Waterfront

Published:Friday | December 26, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Brian McCalla From left: Nickelle Henry and Leslie Taylor at Cabana City, at Waterfront last Saturday.
Brian McCalla Adam Mcgraham and Alyssa Mooyoung were caught candid at Cabana City, at Waterfront downtown last Saturday.
Brian McCalla From left Sara Tulloch, Che Bowen and Danielle Campbell pause for a photo just before they enter the luxious venue.
Brian McCalla Sharon and Christopher Williamson pause for a photo at Cabana City, Waterfront last Saturday.
Brian McCalla From left Tamara and David Riley Dunn with Allison Porter smalling shares laugh at Cabana City, at Waterfront last Saturday.
Brian McCalla Karlene Brandon (left) Sharon Nst. Juste, Renee Davis and Lee-Ann Brandon at Cabana City.
Brian McCalla Ramon and Christie Hunter Arscott at Cabana City, at Waterfront.

The premium party, Cabana City Reserve, transformed downtown Kingston's waterfront into a luxury-exclusive experience last Saturday.

The exclusive summer and Christmas party held twice per year is spearheaded by Phillip Palmer, Deane Shepherd, and Che Bowen. Bowen told Today that the event was created strictly for entertainment as a means to help to bring life back to downtown Kingston.

Cabana City Reserve showcased some of the more premium brands in their top-shelf Appleton Estate bars, while serving patrons tantalising hors d'oeuvres courtesy of chefs Jacqui Tyson, alongside Shea Stewart and Elite Kreations, topped with desserts from Sarah Michelle. The venue, located directly behind the Bank of Jamaica, was beautifully decorated with spacious cabanas that were decked in white with Christmas ornaments, creating a romantic beach scenery.

Patrons came out dressed to kill - rompers, jumpsuits, mini dresses and high-waisted pants were the order of the day for the women, while the men turned their fashion dial up a notch in colourful pants and cool blazers.

Those who came by sea docked their yachts nearby, which added to the decor forming part of the luxurious party area which came alive as the sunset kissed the shores. As darkness crept over the land and the clock approached 8 p.m., the early birds were joined by a throng to enjoy some R&B, and '90s reggae. With glasses in hand and bottles of Hennessy gracing the cabanas, it was obvious that the large crowd would want to be nowhere else.

At the end of a successful night, patrons and promotors are looking forward to the next staging in July 2015.