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Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | January 20, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Too big for jail

1 There are apparently no jail cells powerful enough to hold the Big Boss. According to sources, whenever there is a significant celebration, the man has been back on the street. As is well known, there is a price for everything and money talks.

Flesh weak

2 Once again, a leader of the flock has proven how difficult the battle between the flesh and the spirit can be. The topic is one of the hottest on the social circuit right now, with many not condemning but commiserating. Well, after the broken parts are mended, many are asking what's next?

Recycling loyalists

3 Another party man is being tipped to step into the hot seat. We are not surprised, for recycling of loyalists is what some people do best.

Party pooper

4 Why would anyone want to spoil the fabulous win by trashing the administrators with evil comments? The bad vibes were evident even on the night when everyone should be savouring victory. People should know that mean-spiritedness has never accomplished anything.