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The winners of this year's 14-14-14

Published:Friday | January 23, 2015 | 12:00 AM
contributed From left: Debbie Montgomery of MSW, Cortia Bingham, owner of Adam and Eve Kemisha Walker and Kim Lee of LIME peruse the letters sent in before deciding on the lucky winners.

As the day of love slowly approaches, we look forward to the highly anticipated wedding event of the year 14-14-14 (14 couples from the

14 parishes, getting married on February 14). 'The Search' is finally over and today we introduce 13 of the 14 couples who are looking forward to say, "I do."

n Georgianne Thomas and Devon Harding

n Kimola Bennet and Bryan Wilson

n Ralston Ricketts and Shena Hutchinson

n Renee Miller and Dane Bailey

n Mr and Mrs Wright

n Nekeisha Reid Sheldon Williams

n Shandean Williams and Kemoi Reid

n Marsha and Adrian Murphy

n Vanessa DaCosta and Junior Bailey

n Clayton Cox and Makeda Marshall

n Carol and Neville Clarke

n Ruchelle Williams and Dane Lambert

n Maurice Bent and Marsha Smith

The 14th winner will be named at a later date.