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Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | February 3, 2015 | 12:00 AM

1 For one patron, disgusting doesn't begin to describe how she felt when a diner plucked out her dentures and put them on the table as she settled down for lunch. It happened at a popular eatery in the Liguanea area. Nobody from the establishment told the diner that this was unacceptable. Some believe she was left alone because she looked like a foreigner.

2 The case involving the security company is being keenly watched by persons who feel strongly that these companies should be liable for goods stolen from premises that they are guarding. Monthly monitoring fees are not cheap and if your premises are likely to be broken into and goods removed, someone should be held responsible.

3 Ok, so bodyguards are only to be assigned to the VIPs deemed at risk. There is no doubt that the system was being abused, like this official who turned up at a private party with eight bodyguards shadowing him. He could spare a few for our hard-working judges, couldn't he?

4 The competition to provide tertiary education is so fierce these days that many students are left in a quandary after graduation. Some graduates are deemed unemployable because employers complain that they are not properly trained and need a whole new orientation. And some of these persons graduate with excellent passes. Time the Ministry of Education takes a deeper look at what is being offered at some of these institutions.