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Something Extra - Wednesday

Published:Tuesday | February 24, 2015 | 11:00 PM
The Select Brands team is all smiles and in high spirits.
Kerry Gore, Richard Gore, Select Brands Tania McConnell - with one of the signature rose's for the evening - and Jason Clarke.
Debra Taylor, marketing manager of Select Brands and wine guru, Kerry Reckord getting a top of Whispering Angel.
David McConnel explains some of the fine notes with Kerry Gore.
Susie Benjamin and Uncorked's Anna Kay Von Dueszeln are keenly listening to Select Brand's managing director, David McConnell.
Gleaner's resident wine enthusiast,Jason Clarke, Debra Taylor and Tania McConnell of Select Brands make a toast with wine maker Sacha Lichine.

Japanese restaurant Majestic Bar and Grill in Villa Ronai, Stony Hill, was the perfect spot for innovative winemaker Sacha Lichine to present his signature rosÈ, Whispering Angel, last Wednesday. It's hump day, have a drink with us ... this is your daily dose of EXTRA!