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Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | February 24, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Downtown pets

1. Some people are saying things can't be all that bad with so many downtown people hanging on to their pedigree dogs from stylish leashes ... and we know the vet bills are quite robust, as well as the feed and grooming costs.

Gold for bills

2. So cash for gold has many people afraid to wear their precious jewellery, except on very special occasions, which means from car to door. Interestingly, many people are finding that the scheme works for them because the sale of an expensive piece can pay the light bill and buy petrol! Talk about priorities.

Young girls and moms

3. Some mothers are way too lickey-lickey, and they are to be blamed for the demise of their young girls who are being pimped. We have so many state institutions designed to protect children, but they are still being abused and brutalised.

Pastors and weak points

4. Another man of the cloth is said to be on the lam. This one is being accused of fondling a sister who had gone to him for advice. Pastors sure know how to exploit persons when they are at their weakest point.