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Gout de France: A French Gastronomy

Published:Friday | March 6, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Kenard Swaby (left) speaking with French Ambassador Jean-Michel Despax as he samples the miniature version of the hot appetiser to be served on March 19.

Julia Child said that when she had her first French meal she just could not get over it because it was just marvellous, and The Terra Nova Hotel's Regency Restaurant is getting the opportunity to create something just marvellous.

On Tuesday, the Regency Restaurant held a press briefing with French Ambassador Jean-Michel Despax, First Counsellor Jean-Luc Wertheimer, food and beverage consultant of Terra Nova Hotel Ardelle Dalla Costa, and director of distribution service at Food For The Poor Nakhle Hado, to announce their participation in the first Gout de France (Good France) on March 19. The restaurant received its admission on February 2, being approved by the chef behind this phenomenal event, Chef Alain Ducasse, a world-class French chef.


1,300 chefs


Gout de France brings together 1,300 chefs around the world to design a specially approved French menu that is prepared on that day. Although French cuisine around the world is not the same, the basis never changes. Each participating restaurant will have to follow a few guidelines set out by the organisers.

While following these guidelines, the Regency Restaurant has managed to create the perfect fusion between French and Jamaican, to stay true to the country that has inspired these dishes while pleasing the palate of what the nationals are accustomed to.

A few of the guidelines include having a cold and warm appetiser, a wine to accompany each of the six courses, one course should include fish or shellfish and a chocolate dessert.




For the event, the menu includes thinly sliced Jamaican smoked marlin, with marlin ceviche accompanied by a tropical fruit salsa and lime vinaigrette. There will also be the Jamaican-style steamed snapper, and one cannot forget the chocolate dessert which will be a gizzada chocolate bombe - classic, bombe of chocolate and coconut on a gizzada shortbread. These are only three of the six courses that will be offered for US$175.

The Regency did not want to stop at just participating in this milestone, but they wanted to give back, so a percentage of the proceeds will go to Food For The Poor.